Drip Campaigns

MumaraCampaigns helps you retain the leads by keeping auto follow-up mechanism in place. Automate customer journey from the very first interaction with your recipient to the time your lead converts into a sale. The dripping of your campaign was never that easy to configure as Mumara Campaigns has made it by refining the tedious part of automation.

Menu Navigation: Campaigns - Drip Campaigns

Table Columns

Field Name Description
Group Name Name of the drip group
Drip Count Number of drips (follow-up) inside this group
Created On Creation date of this drip group
Actions View Drips: List all drips inside this drip group
Edit: Edit this drip group
Delete: Delete this drip group and all drips inside


Use the search bar to search across the drip groups.

Add Drip Group

Click on the button [+ Add Drip group] and you'll be navigated to the page as it appears below

Form Fields

Field Name Type Description
Group Text Name the drip group that you are going to create
Sending Nodes Checkbox Select the sending nodes that will be responsible to relay the drips. Multiple selection will put the selected sending nodes to perform in rotation
Track Opens Switch Whether you want to track opening of drips inside
Track Clicks Switch Whether you want to track link clicking of drips inside
Insert Unsubscribe Link Switch Allow Mumara to automatically insert and unsubscribe link inside every drip email body
Sender Information Bullet Sender-info of the drip email i.e sender name, sender email, reply-to email, return-path. You have multiple options here, whether to fetch the sender info automatically or insert custom info
  • From List: Fetch sender-info from Contact List details
  • From Sending Node: Fetch sender-info from Sending Node details
  • Custom: Use/select custom sender-info for this drip group
From Name: Whether to insert a custom Sender-Name or fetch from the selected option
Sending Domain Bullet As Specified in Sending Node: Fetch the sending domain as per the selection in Sending Node
Select from Sending Domains: Select from the dropdown list of your sending domains


Save & Add New: Save this drip group and stay on the same page to add new
Save & Exit: Save this drip group and navigate to the drips page
Cancel: Cancel the operation and go back to drip campaigns page
Drip Groups! Drip groups are helpful to keep the individual drips categorized and carries information of sending nodes being used to relay the drips along with some more important information i.e sender-info, engagement tracking etc

Add a Drip

There are two ways to Add a Drip.
  1. Click on [+ Add a Drip] button as appears in the screenshot below
  2. Click on Drip Count and then click on [+ Add a Drip] button (on view drips page)

Once you click on [+ Add a Drip] button, you'll be redirected to the page as it appears below

Step 1: Setup

Adding a drip is a 3-step wizard that carries information of the drip e.g email content, sending interval, drip group etc.

Drip Name: Give it a friendly name for identification
Group: Select the drip group to be added in
Status: Set this drip as active or inactive. Inactive drips will not be processed
Send to Existing: If you want this drip to be sent to existing contacts in associated contact lists that meet the criteria

Step 2: Interval

Define when to execute this drip after the trigger. As when you are adding a series of drips, you'll surely need to set a time delay between two consecutive drips. In Mumara, the reference point is the date/time when trigger was executed so every drip will refer the time delay from trigger initiated date/time.

When to Send:
  • Upon Triggering: The drip will be queued for execution right after the trigger happens
  • After Triggering: The drip will execute when the time difference matches the internal you set

Step 3: Message Body

Form Fields

Field Description
Email Subject Subject line of the drip email that your recipients will receive
HTML Body HTML version of the email body
Text Body Text version of the email body
Insert Variables
  • System Variables
    • Sender Name: It inserts the name of sender who is sending the email (depends upon the selection of sender-info while scheduling the broadcast)
    • Sender Email: Inserts the email address of sender
    • Recipient Email: Inserts the email address of the recipient receiving email
    • Reply-to Email: Inserts the email address mentioned in Reply-To of the sender-info
    • Bounce Email: Also known as Return Path. It inserts the email address that is set to receive bounces in sender-info
    • Today's Date: Inserts today's date
    • Web Version: It inserts a unique URL that takes the recipient to web version of the email
    • List Name: Inserts the name of list to which recipient belongs
    • List ID: Inserts the ID of list to which recipient belongs
    • Message ID: Inserts the realtime generated message-id of the email going out
    • Campaign ID: Inserts ID of the broadcast
    • Sending Domain: Inserts the sending domain as appear in sender-info of the selected criteria
    • Confirmation Link: Inserts a unique URL which updates the contact's status as confirmed (upon click)
    • Unsubscribe Link: Inserts a unique link that sets the recipient subscription status as Unsubscribed
  • Additional Fields
    • Contact ID: Inserts ID of the contact
    • Other Additional/Custom Field: Inserts the value of additional/custom field (if any)
  • Spintags: Inserts one random value from the list of values for the selected spintag
  • Copy as Text: Auto-creates a TEXT version of the HTML content and inserts into textarea
Preview Sending Node Select a sending to send a preview of this drip
Preview Email Write the email address where you want to receive the preview of the drip

List all Drips

You can list all drips by
  1. Clicking on the Drip Count on drip groups page      OR
  2. Click on Actions button for the drip group and click "View drips"



Field Description
Name Name of the drip
Delay Time interval of the drip i.e when to be sent after the trigger
Status Active or Inactive. Inactive drips will not be executed
Created on Creation date/time of the drip
Actions Edit: Edit this drip
Delete: Delete this drip

Sorting and Search


Write a keyword in the search bar to search across all drips

Sort by Drip Group

Select drip group(s) from the dropdown below [Drip Groups] button as shown in the picture above to list the associated drips in the table.
How to start a drip group?
If you are wondering to start drips then a quick answer to this is, you have to create a trigger on defined event and select "start a drip group" from the list of actions.