Dynamic Content Tags

Dynamic Content Tag offers a tool to make your email marketing more intelligent. It helps you practically implement the data driven email marketing for improving email engagements. Use of the contact details from the data fields can’t be better and more initiative than this. You draw rules for the contacts with the similar details, and lay out a separate content that can match their preferences and behavior, and CampaignsPlus takes care of the rest. Let’s see how it works.

Menu Navigation: Campaigns - Dynamic Content Tags

List Dynamic Content Tags

Below snapshot is a view of dynamic content tags list.

Table Fields

Field Name Description
Dynamic Tag Name/placeholder of the Dynamic Content Tag
If Criteria Met Content to embed if the dynamic content criteria is met
Else Content to embed if the dynamic content criteria is not met
Added on Date when this dynamic content tag was added
Actions Edit or Delete this dynamic content tag

Add a Dynamic Content Tag


Form Fields

Field Name Description
Name Name of the dynamic content tag
Unit Rules Conditions of the criteria to meet
If Criteria Met Content to embed if criteria is met
Else Content to embed if criteria isn't met
Insert Variables
  • System Variables
    • Sender Name: It inserts the name of sender who is sending the email (depends upon the selection of sender-info while scheduling the broadcast)
    • Sender Email: Inserts the email address of sender
    • Recipient Email: Inserts the email address of the recipient receiving email
    • Reply-to Email: Inserts the email address mentioned in Reply-To of the sender-info
    • Bounce Email: Also known as Return Path. It inserts the email address that is set to receive bounces in sender-info
    • Today's Date: Inserts today's date
    • Web Version: It inserts a unique URL that takes the recipient to web version of the email
    • List Name: Inserts the name of list to which recipient belongs
    • List ID: Inserts the ID of list to which recipient belongs
    • Message ID: Inserts the realtime generated message-id of the email going out
    • Campaign ID: Inserts ID of the broadcast
    • Sending Domain: Inserts the sending domain as appear in sender-info of the selected criteria
    • Confirmation Link: Inserts a unique URL which updates the contact's status as confirmed (upon click)
    • Unsubscribe Link: Inserts a unique link that sets the recipient subscription status as Unsubscribed
  • Additional Fields
    • Contact ID: Inserts ID of the contact
    • Other Additional/Custom Field: Inserts the value of additional/custom field (if any)
  • Spintags: Inserts one random value from the list of values for the selected spintag

How it Works?

When you add a dynamic content tag, it gets available in the dropdown list of dynamic tags which adding a broadcast as appear in the snapshot below. Dynamic tags are the variables inside double [[ ]] brackets e.g [[newyork-city]] as I created one above. When Mumara sees [[ ]] brackets, it considers it as a dynamic content tag and starts rendering in realtime while sending out emails.


Save & Add New: Save the current submission and add another dynamic content tag
Save & Exit: Save the current submission and return to dynamic content tags page
Cancel: Cancel the current operation