View Scheduled Broadcasts

This page lists all of the scheduled broadcasts no matter if they are running, completed, paused, stopped or even scheduled for future along with real-time brief statistics of numbers i.e how many were scheduled and how many have been sent.

Menu Navigation: Campaigns - View Scheduled

Below is a snapshot of previously scheduled broadcasts


Table Fields

Field Description
Name Schedule label of the broadcast that you set while scheduling
Start Time Date/Time when this broadcast was/is started/starting
Status Current status of the broadcast
  • Starting in: Displays the timer when this broadcast is going to start
  • Running: The broadcast is current sending out emails
  • Completed: The broadcast has been completed
  • Paused: The broadcast has been paused manually by you
  • System-Paused: The broadcast was automatically paused by Mumara due to an error
  • Stopped: The broadcast has been stopped manually by you
Contacts Number of contacts this broadcast is going to be sent
Progress How many emails have been sent so far and what percentage is left
  • Pause: Pause a running broadcast
  • Stop: Stop a paused broadcast
  • Resume: Resume a paused broadcast
  • Reschedule: Reschedule a completed broadcast
  • Delete: Delete a paused/stopped broadcast


Search across all scheduled broadcasts.

Display by Broadcast Type

Select from the broadcast types to display
  • Regular Broadcasts: Displays the broadcasts that were scheduled on the contact lists
  • Segmented Broadcasts: Displays the broadcasts that were scheduled on the segments
  • Split Tests: Displays the broadcasts that were scheduled on split tests


Display by Broadcast Status

Select from the broadcast status to display

  • All: List the broadcasts with all statuses
  • Scheduled: List the broadcasts that haven't started yet
  • Running: List all running broadcasts
  • Completed: List all completed broadcasts

System Paused:

If your broadcast is stuck with status "system-paused", it's mainly due to the Sending Node error. Once the broadcast is system-paused, there comes an error icon alongwith schedule label that contains the actual reason of broadcast failure. When a sending node is failed while the broadcast is running, it gets auto-inactive and Mumara retries to establish the connection after every 30 minutes for 24 hours (you can also change this value in application settings). If the connection with sending node is re-established, the system-paused broadcast auto resumes as well.