Spintags helps you adding variations in your campaign to keep it somewhat different for every contact in the list.

Menu Navigation: Campaigns - Spintags

List Spintags

Displays the list of created spintags along with creation date and placeholders.

Table Fields

  • Tag: The placeholder/variable of the spintag to be used in email body of the broadcast
  • Addon on: Date when this spintag was created
  • Actions: Edit or Delete this spintag

Add a Spintag

These are two simple mandatory fields for creating a spintag.

Field Name Description
Name/Placeholder This name will act as a variable in the broadcast content
List of Words Line separated list of words or phrases that will be randomly selected while sending emails
HTML and Custom Fields are supported

How does it work?

Method 1:

While adding a broadcast or a drip, you see spintags dropdown button below the HTML version of the email content which contains all spintags that you have created so far. Upon selecting any spintag, it inserts a variable within content area which is rendered in realtime while sending out emails.

Note: The spintags are placed inside {{ }} brackets e.g {{member}}. Whenever Mumara sees these double brackets, it will consider it as a spintag and will try to pick up a random value for it from the list of words/phrases.

Method 2:

Instead of creating spintags and then using them inside the broadcast content as described in the method above, you can simply add them in Square Brackets separately by the Vertical Slash e.g. [word1|word2|word3]. Look at the examples below
Dear [Client|Member|User|Customer], I [want|wish] to [advise you|let you know] that your [plan|package|subscription] is about to [expire|end|finish].


Save & Add New: Save the current submission and add new spintag
Save & Exit: Save the current submission and navigate to spintags page
Cancel: Cancel the current operation