Add a Contact

Add a contact to a list and store additional information of the contact by filling out additional/custom fields.

Menu Navigation: Contacts - Add a Contact

Image below shows a sample "add a contact" form.

Form Fields

Field Description
Email Addresss Email address of the contact you are going to add
Contact List Select the contact list from the dropdown, to which you want to organize this contact
Format Format is a variation of the broadcast this contact will receive i.e HTML or TEXT version
Confirmation Add this contact as a confirmed subscriber or unconfirmed
Unconfirmed contacts will not receive the broadcasts until they are confirmed!
Status Set the status of this contact as Active or Inactive
Inactive contacts will not receive the emails from Mumara
Bounced Add the contact as "Not Bounced". Setting as hard bounced will prevent this contact from receive the emails
Unsubscribed Add the contact as "No". Setting to "Yes" will prevent the contact from receiving any email

Additional/custom Fields

When you a select contact list from the dropdown, it will expand all additional/custom fields that have been assigned to this contact list.

Additional Fields: These are the predefined fields that you have assigned to the list.
Custom Fields: These are the fields that you have created yourself (other than the predefined fields)


Save: Save the contact information and go back to view contacts page for the selected list.
Save & Add New: Save the contact information and stay on the same page to add nother contact.