View/Search Contacts

List all contacts for a specific list or the whole database and perform additional actions e.g search, delete, edit etc.

Menu Navigation: Contacts - View/Search Contacts

  • [+] Add New button will take you to the contact form where you can add a new contact.
  • [+] Import Contacts button will take you to the import form where you can import your contacts in a csv file format

View Contacts

The grid lists all the contacts that Mumara has and displays important information alongwith. However complete information for a contact can be viewed by clicking on Actions button and then "View Contact".


  • Contact: Email address and initials of the contact/person
  • Country: Country of the contact
  • List: List name to which this contact belongs
  • Confirmed: Confirmation status of the contact if he has confirmed to receive emails
  • Unsubscribed: If the contact has unsubscribed from your mailing list
  • Bounced: If the email address has been bounced for some reason
  • Added on: Date/Time when this contact was added
  • Actions: Actions button contains the available options for this contact
    • Contact Details: View additional information for this contact in a popup
    • Email History: View the history of previously sent emails to this contact
    • Edit: Edit this contact
    • Delete: Delete this contact permanently from the database


Write any keyword in the search box you see at top right side below the "Bulk Actions" button to search acorss all contacts. It will search across contact's name, email address, country and list name.

Bulk Actions

Bulk actions apply the selected action on the contacts that you select.
  • Set as Active: It changes the status of the selected contacts to Active (if they are inactive)
  • Set as Inactive: It changes the status of the selected contacts to Inactive (if they are active)
  • Mark Confirmed: Mark the selected contacts as confirmed subscribers
  • Mark Unconfirmed: Mark the selected contacts as unconfirmed subscribers
  • Set as Soft Bounced: Set the selected contacts as soft bounced
  • Set as Hard Bounced: Set the selected contacts as hard bounced
  • Set as Not Bounced: Set the selected contacts as "Not Bounced" (if they were previously bounced)
  • Delete: Delete the selected contacts