Import Contacts

Import bulk contacts from a csv file and map the additional fields. The importing process makes it super easy and fast for your to get your contacts inserted into Mumara within few minutes.

Menu Navigation: Contacts - Import Contacts

Step 1

Field Description
File Source Upload a CSV file from your computer or choose a file from already uploaded files to the server
Upload Directory: Files can be uploaded to /storage/{userid}/files/imports/subscribers
Select File Select the file from your computer or from the server (depending upon the selection you made above)
Contact List Select a contact list you want the contacts to be imported in
Format Which version of the email/broadcast these contacts will receive i.e HTML or TEXT
Confirmation Status Import these contacts with a confirmed status so they receive your emails smoothly
Contact Status Import these contacts with an active status so Mumara doesn't filter them out before sending emails
Header Included Whether the first line of your csv file contains header or not. If yes then Mumara skips the first line during import
File Format Choose the format of your file you are importing
Duplicates If duplicates are found, do you want Mumara to skip duplicates or overwrite the previous contacts with new info
Import Speed Booster Increase the import speed up to 4 times by opening parallel sockets


Step 2

Note! The headings on the left side you see are the contact lists fields (additional/custom fields) and the placeholders in the dropdown you see are the headers (first row) of your file that you are importing. Mumara is smart enough to auto-map the custom fields with your file headers but still you can remap them according to the need.

Field Types

Field Type Description
Email Address It has to be a valid email address, otherwise Mumara will skip this row considering as invalid contact
Country Mumara recognises countries short codes and map them accordingly e.g US, PK, FR etc
Text Text field accepts any value (alphanumeric, special characters etc)
Numeric This field accepts only numeric value (i.e 0-1)
Checkboxes This type of field allows to select multiple options from the list of preset values
Radio Options This type of field allows to select a single option from the list of preset values
Dropdown Select an option from the list of pre-entered options
Multiline Accepts multiline value e.g Address etc
Date This field type just accepts date format. Moreover you need to map it with correct date format as appear in your file
JSON This field type can carry JSON strings that can be used for deep segmentation

Override Creation Date

In some cases, you may need to override the creation date of the contacts that you are importing to match with your database. It is useful when you have triggers and drips running based on contact's creation date.

Step 3

Note! Import starts when the cron executives so you don't have to worry about why the progress bar isn't moving ahead.
  • Total Contacts: It tells you the total contacts found in the file you imported
  • Imported Successfully: The number of contacts that were imported into the contact list successfully
  • Duplicates: Gives you the number of contacts that were found more than once
  • Invalid: The number of rows that had an invalid value or email address
Download! You can download the duplicates and invalid contacts that Mumara had skipped during import

Things to keep in mind

  • The file size you are uploading should be lesser than the value set for upload_max_filesize in php.ini file
  • File extension should be a supported extension by Mumara.
  • Import starts when the cron executes so you don't have to get panic why the import isn't starting.
  • Once the import has been started, you can navigate away from the page to close the page as the import process runs serverside.