View, insert, or update your license information to activate the product and add-ons.

Menu Navigation: Settings - Licensing

License Key

Use the textbox below to insert or update the license key to retrieve the activation status and associated add-ons.

License Details

Below snapshot displays the retrieved attributes of the license key.


Field Description
Status Status of the license key. Active status is for the running license
Registered To Name of the client to which this license is registered
License Type Self-hosted: The license is valid for a self-hosted edition that you can host on your own server
Cloud: This license has been issued to a cloud instance that means it has been hosted with us
License Key It's the license key associated with this installation
Plan Plan name that you have been signed up for
Valid Domain The domain name that is allowed to run this license key
Valid IP The IP address that is allowed to run this license key
Valid Directory The physical path of the installation directory that is allowed to run this license key
Add-ons Add-ons that are associated with this license key
Created Date when the license key was issued
Expiry The expiry or next renewal date of the license key
Info: When this page opens, it automatically refreshes the license key and retrieves all information once again. If you have recently purchased a new add-on or upgraded the license key, just navigate to this page and it should all set.