Primary Domain

The primary domain is an alternative domain name other than the Mumara installation domain that is responsible for tracking and DNS redirection. It is mainly used to keep Mumara's main domain undisclosed. You can, however, use the same domain for the primary URL as of your installed domain.

Menu Navigation: Settings - Primary Domain

By default, Mumara puts your application URL in the Primary Domain but you always have an option to edit it however it’s not mandatory if you don’t need to have it on a different domain. If you replace the primary domain with another domain name, you’ll need to add an “A Record” in the DNS zone for the primary domain and point it to Mumara server IP. Once the “A Record” has been added to domain’s DNS, it means your primary domain is pointing to the Mumara server but you’ll also need to add the primary domain to your webserver (e.g apache) on the same physical path as of Mumara so they do a proper handshake and propagate. Once everything has been set up, Mumara should pass the result otherwise click on the “Recheck” button to verify if it's resolving properly.
Warning! If your primary domain doesn't resolve, the application may not work and cron jobs will stop executing.