Bounce Rules

Bounce is classified into two categories mainly, Soft as momentary delivery error and Hard bounced as permanent delivery issues. Since ISPs tend to return the bounce report in somewhat unique way, different than the others in expressing the bounce codes. Mumara Campaigns enables you to put forward your own rules to classify the bounces as hard and soft according to the codes and error it returned with. The accurate categorization helps remediate bounces.

Menu Navigation: Setup - Bounce Rules

Viewing Options

When a delivery report is received, it contains a bounce code, reason, and description as well. So we have given you the freedom to create a bounce rule on any/all combinations.


Field Description
Label Friendly name of the bounce rule for identification
Reason Bounce reason as appears in the delivery report
Details Bounce details as appears in the delivery report
Code Bounce code as appears in the delivery report
Type Soft: Process the matching bounced rule as Soft Bounce
Hard: Process the matching bounced rule as Soft Bounce
Don't Process: Don't set the recipient as bounced
Status Active/Inactive. Inactive bounce rules will not be processed
Actions Edit: Edit the bounce rule
Delete: Delete the bounce rule

Sequential Processing

The sequence of bounce rules that you see on this page is the sequence of rules being processed by Mumara. Upon bounce cron execution, Mumara will start matching the bounce code/details from the delivery report of the bounced email with bounce rules starting from the first to last. The rule that matches first will be processed and the contact status will be updated accordingly.

Note: You can drag and drop bounce rules to re-sort them for sequential processing.

Add a Bounce Rule

Click on [+ Add New] button and you'll be taken to the form where you can add a new bounce rule.


Field Description
Bounce Details
Criteria / Conditions
Bounce Code is Where bounce code is what you write here
Bounce Reason is, contains Where bounce reason is/contains what you write here
Bounce Details is, contains Where bounce description is/contains what you write here
Add Condition It's a button to add another condition. Make sure you can add up to three conditions based on unique selectors
Process as Soft Bounced: Process the matching record as soft bounced
Hard Bounced: Process the matching record as hard bounced
Don't Process: Don't process the matching record
Conditions: You can create a bounce rule on a minimum of one condition and a maximum of three conditions. The condition criteria can not be repeated e.g. you can't create a single rule based on two different bounce codes as it's technically not possible.