Feedback Loops

Get rid of the problematic subscribers who are reporting you as abuse by processing feedback loops (also known as FBL). The mailbox provider forwards the message complained about back to the sender at a designated email address that has been set up, primarily so that the sender can suppress this user in their database.

Menu Navigation: Setup - Feedback Loops

List Feedback Loops

View the list of all feedback loops that you have created so far.


Field Description
Name Name of the Feedback Loop that you have created
Host Hostname of the Feedback Loop mailbox server to connect with
Username Username of the Feedback Loop mailbox
Method Connection method to connect to the mailbox server i.e POP/IMAP
Port Port of the mailbox server where Feedback Loop email is hosted
Added On Date when this Feedback Loop mailbox was added
Actions Edit: Edit this Feedback Loop mailbox
Delete: Delete this Feedback Loop mailbox

Add a Feedback Loop

Adding a Feedback Loop is super easy. You just need to connect the FBL mailbox using POP/IMAP settings.


Field Description
FBL Email The email address of the FBL mailbox
Server Host The Hostname of the server where the FBL mailbox is hosted
Port Port number of the mailbox server
Mailbox Username Username of the FBL mailbox
Mailbox Password The password of the FBL mailbox
Folder The folder where incoming complaints land. Default: Inbox
Validate Certificate Select Yes if the server requires validation of the SSL certificate
Encryption Select the right option if the connection to remote server needs encryption
Delete Emails after Processing Delete the complaint messages (emails) once they are processed
Connection Method Choose the connection method. i.e. POP or IMAP


  • Save & Add New: Save the FBL and stay on the same page to add another
  • Save & Exit: Save the FBL and navigate to the view FBL page
  • Cancel: Cancel the operation and navigate to the view FBL page
  • Validate Connection: Verify if the connection details are functional