Trigger Stats

Triggers are the defined automated actions performed upon occurring an event. An event is your defined criteria of anything being happened that Mumara can understand.

Menu Navigation: Statistics - Trigger Stats

List Triggers

This page shows a list of all the triggers that you have created so far. 


Field Description
Name Name of the trigger
Audience Selection criteria of the contact. (i.e. when a contact or it's activity matches defined criteria)
Action The action to be performed upon triggering
Total actions The number of actions that have been performed so far since you have created this trigger
Last activity Date/time when the last activity was performed by this trigger
Details Click here to see the detailed statistics for this trigger. (Note: Only available for certain actions)
Details: This icon only appears when the trigger is based on email send-out i.e. if the trigger is set to send a broadcast or a drip series.

Trigger Details

Click on the detailed stats icon and you'll be redirected to the next page similar to the following. Below snapshot is of a trigger that is based on a List and starting a drip group.


Field Description
Drip Name Name of the Drip template
Interval The delay before this drip will be sent to the contact that matches the criteria
Last Activity The date/time when this drip was recently dispatched
Sent Total number of recipients this drip has been sent to
Opened The number of recipients who have opened this drip
Clicked The number of recipients who have clicked on a link inside this drip
Unsubscribed The number of recipients who have unsubscribed from receiving further emails
Details It takes you to the detailed statistics page for the individual drip

Drip Detailed Statistics

Click on the stats icon you see in the snapshot above to navigate to the detailed statistics page for the individual drip.

The above statistics page has nothing other than the general statistics page except the following
  • Drip Age
To learn more about statistics, look into Broadcast Stats.