Create packages and define limits on the number of emails, contacts and other modules before you can start adding the users.
Note! A package holds the information on user limits and the user role.

The snapshot below is a screenshot of the Packages page.


Field Description
Package Name Friendly name of the package that may also be visible to your users
Added On Date when this package was added
Actions Edit: Edit the package
Delete: Delete the package

Add a Package

Click on [+Add New] button to start adding a package.


Field Description
Package Name Name of the package
User Role User role that you want to assign to this package
Hourly Speed Hourly speed of the package. Make sure that the users subscribed to this package will not be able to send at more than this speed
Hourly Speed: Hourly speed is throttling of the emails going out and calculated over nanoseconds. For example if you have set hourly speed to 60, it means the system will push the emails out at the rate of 1/s.
Daily Limit Maximum number of emails that the user cannot exceed per day
Daily Limit: This is not throttling of the emails but it's the limit on number of emails going out. If you have a daily limit set to 1000 then the running broadcasts for the clients will be automatically system-paused with an error "Daily limit exceeded" if their send out touches 1000 for that day. Also, the broadcasts will be automatically resumed by midnight as soon as the system date changes, if this option is set in Application settings.

Also, make sure that the daily limit is not speeding but a limit, so it will not slow down the sending process but will just keep an eye on the quota from not being exceeded.
Monthly Quota The maximum number of emails that the user can send per month.
Monthly Quota: It is the total number of emails that the user within this package is allowed to send per month. Once the quota exceeds, the broadcasts will be system-paused with an error "Monthly quota exceeded".
Maximum Contacts The maximum number of contacts that the user can add/import
Maximum Sending Domains The maximum number of sending domains that this user can add
Maximum Sending Nodes The maximum number of sending nodes that this user can add
Enable SMTP Node Enable this if you want to allow users to connect their SMTPs

Step 2 carries additional settings


  • Additional Headers: Add additional headers that you want to be sent with every email going out from any user account associated with this package.