User Roles

A user role defines the privileges and access to the application features that the users can utilize. Create user roles and assign them to the required packages you create. Every user will carry the privileges as per the associated role to his subscribed package.

Menu Navigation: Users - User Roles

User roles are mandatory to be created before you can create packages and user accounts. Below you'll find a snapshot of "User Roles" Page.


Field Description
Role Name Friendly name of the Role for identification
Added On Date when this user role was added
Actions Edit: Edit this user role
Delete: Delete this user role

Add a User Role

Click on [+Add New] button to start adding a new user role.


Field Description
Role Name Friendly name of the User Role
Permissions Assign the permissions you want this group to have access
Important Info:
Disabling the permissions will restrict the user from all associated API functions as well.