Mumara API

API Overview

MUMARA offers JSON-based API service for its users and programmers to execute many of MUMARA’s functions using API requests. API documentation explains the set of data you can programmatically access, insert, add and update with the use of the MUMARA API service. Jason is used to seamlessly communicate between your application and MUMARA, and to perform actions like adding lists, adding subscribers to a list, updating lists or subscribers, and retrieving data like lists and records.  The following document provides the information of the actions you can perform using the API service with sample requests.

API Configuration/ Generating API Token

Before you submit a post/get requests to obtain particular kinds of JSON-based responses, you need to generate the API token using your account with MUMARA. Reach “API Configuration” under “Integration” in the left side navigational menu of the MUMARA, to generate the API token.

API token request needs to be sent to the API Endpoint which you can find in the API configuration section under the MUMARA user profile page. You can reach the API configuration section by clicking “Profile” icon located at the top of your dashboard right beside “Logout”. Following are the three fields that you will find on the API configuration page, API token field remains empty until you submit the request to generate the API token. 

API Endpoint will look like
API login is the login email of your user in MUMARA
API Token will be generated, once you submit the request by clicking “Generate API Token”.

The API Token will look like c5a5e7bbf399665b62a9410645494f29. You don’t need to generate a new token each time for sending a request to the API, until you generate a new token the currently available will work fine. Upon generating a new token, the previous one will expire and you would be required to use a fresh API token for sending a successful request.

Valid API Requests

Following table lists the functions you can perform using MUMARA json API service.          



Add Subscribers Add Lists
Delete Subscribers Delete Lists
Get Subscriber Get List
Get Subscribers Get Lists
Update Subscribers Update Lists