19.1: Add New Client (ESP Version)

Add New Client

The ESP edition of Mumara operates on three levels; first it facilitates the management of the ESP to set forth its controls, then it adopts entirely a new dashboard and navigation controls for the ESP support staff to carry out its operation, and at the last it accommodates the clients of the ESP to setup their accounts and authentications. The section discusses the client side of the ESP version, the helps the clients of the ESP to setup their accounts.

The account with admin rights of the ESP version will be able to add a new client account by going “Create New User” under the “User Management” menu of the main left side navigation menu. The field of the form which appears on your screen will help the admin user to add a new client account to the application, after the process of adding a new client account completes, the admin usually sends an email to the client consisting of login credentials and other important information for the clients.

It is the manual way of adding client accounts to the application, however, if you are looking to automate the process of clients signing in and getting approved for the respective package, you can integrate your Mumara with your membership or billing application, like aMember, WHMCS etc. With this membership software integration, your clients will subscribe for the desired package, you will approve their account from your membership/billing software, and application will automatically create new user for the approved clients and will add it to the appropriate User's Role Group, according to the client's sending quota. 

Manually adding a client account is the same process of adding a user account in the application. We already have discussed about creating user groups, limiting their access levels, sending quota, creating and adding new users in the appropriate groups. You can control the volume of emails a new client can send, by simply creating new User's Role Groups and assigning customized permissions to the groups you created. After you have created some of the groups with different email volumes allowed, you can simply add each new user in the user group according to the email volumes the client has requested for.

Reach the following links to know more about creating user role groups, limiting the number of monthly/ daily/ hourly emails in the groups, and adding new users (clients) in the application.

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