18.6: Assign IPs

Assign IPs

If you are operating as an ESP, you will have a number of clients who may need to use a dedicated IP, instead of sending from shared pool of IPs. One of the key aspects for an ESP that the clients consider is its ability to provide them with a clean dedicated IP, if they don’t want to share their IP address with other clients across the email stream.

Mumara helps to manage your IP infrastructure with ease, after adding available Sending Server IPs, you can easily manage the pool of the shared IPs for the available sending server, can assign dedicated IP to certain clients and even can keep some IPs reserved. To manage the list of available IPs within the application, click “Assign IP” to explore the following discussed options.

a) Manage Shared Pool of IPs

“Assignee” is the first and only dropdown that appears on the page after clicking “Assign IP” link from the left navigation menu. To manage and create a pool of IPs for sharing across the clients, you need to click “Shared Pool” from the dropdown. Once clicked, you’ll be taken to the next window, where you will be provided with the list of all unassigned IPs in the system to create shared pool of IPs. 

Hold ctrl button from your keyboard and select the required IPs from the list of “Unassigned IPs”. Or make use of shift button with the right click on your mouse, to select the IPs in a sequence. Once selected, press “Assign” button to complete the action of creating a shared pool of IPs. Each new client will primarily be added to this shared pool of IPs as per your selection of "Server Preferences", unless he/she is assigned with a dedicated IP from the unassigned available IPs. The following figure shows selection of 12 IPs from the unassigned IPs to establish a new shared pool.

Note: The list consists of unassigned/available IPs of all currently available sending server within the system, if during the selection of IPs for shared pool, 12 IPs are selected that belong to three different sending server (4 From Each Server), IPs belong to specific server will create a shared pool of that particular server only, thus, as a result, shared pool consisting of 4 IPs in each server will be created. Clients accounts will be added to the sending servers according to your "Server Preference", or according to Support Staff User's selection of the sending server for the particular client, when approving its SMTP. 

Support Staff User

Figure#18.6.1: Creating Shared Pool

Shared IP Pool

Once you submit the unassigned IPs to a new shared pool, the application will automatically remove them from the list of unassigned IPs, and make them unavailable for further allocation. Moreover, the IPs assigned to shared pool will acquire the "Status" as "Shared" in View IPs table under "Add IP" link. 

b) Keep IPs Reserved

Like you select the "Shared Pool" from the first dropdown, you can select "Reserved" as your preferred option to reverse a list of IPs. IPs assigned to "Reserved" list of IPs, will not be available for further allocation, until the IPs get unreserved from the list of "Reserved" IPs. You will click "Assign" to move selected IPs from the list of Unassigned IP(s) to the list of reserved IPs, and will click "Remove" to get the selected IP(s) removed from the list of reserved IPs and make it available for further allocation.

c) Assigning Dedicated IP 

Following the same process of assigning the IPs to a shared pool, you can assign one or more dedicated IPs to particular client in the application. But unlike the random selection of shared pool, it is more categorized to assign dedicated IP. You have to select the "Client Name" from the first dropdown that opens two more fields underneath.

1) Sending Server

By default, application automatically selects the sending server according to your "Server Preferences" or support staff user's selection of the sending server for that particular client, when approving specific client's sending information. However, selecting and assigning dedicated IP from some other sending server in the list will overwrite the default Server Preference and Staff User's selection. 

2) SMTP Account 

The new product upgrades has enabled the ESP management to approve particular client account for multiple sender information batches and each can have separate SMTP. This dropdown carries the list of approved SMTPs for the selected client, and one of the SMTPs can be selected to assign the dedicated IP(s). See in the following figure, the selected client has got two SMTPs approved from the Support Staff User, and any of the two approved SMTPs can be selected to assign with dedicated IP. If the client wants dedicated IP for each SMTP, one needs to repeat the same process for each approved SMTP.

Figure#18.6.2: Selection to Assign Dedicated IP

Selecting Server

Upon selection of SMTP, application will automatically proceed to the next step of assigning one or more IPs to that particular client. The process of assigning the IP is the same as discussed above for "Shared Pool", select one IP or select multiple with the help of holding ctrl on your keyboard or multiple in sequence with the help of holding shift, press assign after the selection. 

Following Figure#18.6.3 shows that one IP is selected for allocation, to the "ESP Client" from "New PMTA Entry" server and for the approved SMTP "Demo Sender". 

Figure#18.6.3: Assign Dedicated IP

Assign Dedicated IPs