19.2: Client Account Setup Wizard

Latest upgrades in the ESP edition has changed the way to setup the client account. The wizard that formerly popped on the screen after login to the client account, has now been made part of the ESP client's left navigation menu. And the wizard to implement the email authentications has now changed from Client Account Wizard to "Add Sender Information".

The "Account Setup" window however still appears, but it asks for only two fields. These two fields are "SMTP Username" and "SMTP Password". Rest of the client's sending information and email authentications are discussed subsequently after figure#19.2.1.

SMTP Username- Client will propose a username for his/her SMTP

SMTP Password- Client will propose a password for his/her SMTP 

Upon providing the desired SMTP username and SMTP password, and press "Submit", a success message will be displayed on the screen. If the proposed SMTP username already exists in the list of the available SMTPs, an error message will be displayed on your screen. 

Structure of the SMTP and its implementation varies in both "Product Edition" and "ESP Edition". Upon the approval of client's SMTP information from the support staff user of the ESP, application automatically configures the proposed SMTP and make it ready for sending. The approved SMTP details can also be used for remote sending. 

Figure#19.2.1: Upon Successfully Setting Up Sender Account

Successfully Setup Account