18.1: Getting Started with ESP Version

Getting Started ESP Version

MUMARA is an integrated email marketing solution having an infrastructure equipped with the features from email list management, campaign designing, itemized statistical reporting to advance bounce processing & categorization, scheduled sending, SMTP & IP infrastructure management, and workflow management of a full-fledged “ESP” (Email Service Provider).
The ESP version of MUMARA offers an ability to perform various actions including, email credit management, spam and bounced email monitoring, complete and trouble-free IP and SMTP management, an automated way for the clients to setup important email authentication such as DKIM and SPF, and much more.
The ESP version of MUMARA operates somewhat differently than the Product Version of MUMARA, and this segment of the user guide takes you to the step by step to setup a complete ESP using MUMARA. Reach ESP on the left navigational menu to start taking the required measures as an ESP.

Figure#18.1.1: ESP Setup MUMARA

ESP Setup MumaraClassic

Most of the remaining links on the navigational menu will work the same the elementary structure of the Product Version of MUMARA , except for slight changes in some of the pages like “Schedule an Email Campaign” SMTP Settings” “Domain Masking Settings for the Clients” “ESP Application Settings”, and  an additional menu “ESP Setup”. If you haven’t gone through from the user guide of the elementary application structure, then consider reading the relevant chapters side by side for the better understanding of the ESP version.

Product Version of MUMARA

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Chapter#19...Client Side of ESP Version