18.2: Server Preference

Sending Server Preference

MUMARA offers two options to the ESP version holders, in order to set sending server preferences. You can configure your ESP with more than one sending servers, subsequent article discusses setting up sending servers using ESP version of MUMARA. The particular article about creating a sending server can be reached by clicking the following link. It will provide you a complete insight into setting up your sending servers.

Create Sending Server

Both the server preferences are explained followed by the figure below.

Figure#18.2.1: Sending Server Preferences

PMTA Server Preferences

1) Add to the Least Full Server

Select this option to add new client accounts into the least full server. When you create an ESP sending server, you will find this field called “Number of Accounts” towards the bottom of the page. The field actually offers you the ability to limit the number of permissible client accounts in that particular server. After limiting the number of accounts, application automatically evaluate the usage of particular sending server, upon adding client accounts in it.

Following figure shows two sending servers, first one is 12% used and the second one is not used at all, with 0% usage. Upon selecting the sending preference as “Add to Least Full Server”, application will add new clients into the server with 0% usage, as being least full server between the two, 1) Testing Server and 2) Sample ESP.

Figure#18.2.2: Sending Server Usage

Sending Server Usage

2) Fill Active Server until Full then Switch to Next Least Used

If this option is selected, new clients will by default be added to the current active server until it reaches its maximum limit (100%). This selection is suitable for those having more than two sending servers. In case of having multiple servers, the clients will automatically be added to the currently active server first, when it reaches to its limit, the application will switch to the next least full server and start adding client accounts in it until it reaches its maximum limit, the process continues.

Select your sending preference and move to the next step.