18.7: Setup Support Staff User Account

Setup New Support Staff Account

The responsibility to manage client accounts, approving their sending information ,SMTP details, and monitoring the client's activity, has been given to the support staff users, therefore, it is necessary step to create support staff users, when setting up your infrastructure with Mumara ESP. Support staff users will be performing various tasks with regard to keep the information flow smooth. 

Figure#18.7.1: Add Support Staff Account

Create Support Staff Users

Table#18.7.1: Adding Support User Account

Complete Name

Provide the complete name of the support user you are about to create, it can be his/her real name, or also can be the name of his/her role within organization, e.g. client account manager.

Login Email

Provide an email address for the support user to login to his/her dashboard, and manage the client accounts as per the privileges given by the admin. Support staff user in Mumara will be using entirely different dashboard, disucssed subsequently in Support Staff User Dashbaord


Provide a password for the support user to login using the combination of the above mentioned username and this password.

Confirm Password

Confirm the password mentioned in the above field

Account Status

Mark the support user account as “Active” to start managing the client account straightaway, “Inactive” support users will no not be able to login and access their dashbaords.


Your timezone preference for that particular support staff user.

Permission Checklist

Towards the right side of your screen, you will be able to view a checklist of actions that you can allow/disallow the support user to perform. The details of actions are discussed as followed. 

Figure#18.7.2: Setting up Permissions for Support User

Access Control List

Customer List: Allow the support staff user to view the lists of current clients.

Activate Customer Account: Allow the support user to activate new client accounts.

View Custom Sending Stats: Tick the checkbox and give this user the permission to view the stats of the email campaigns sent by client. 

View Custom Bounce Rate: Bounce rate can be a decisive factor to evaluate the hygiene of the client’s list, give support user this permission to monitor the bounce rate of clients.

View IP Assigned to Customer: Tick the checkbox and let the support user to view the IP addresses assigned to particular client.

Approve New IP Request: Allow the support user to approve dedicated IP addresses for client accounts.

View Customer Spam Stats: Let the support user to view the spam stats of the clients, keeping client spam in consideration and having an onslaught strategy for the spammers is the key for an ESP to sustain.

Approve Sender Information: Allow the support user to approve the sender information initiated by the clients.

Manage SMTP Accounts: Allow this support user to view to approve and manage client's SMTPs. 

Masking Domains: Allow this support staff user to setup masking domains to conceal the identity of ESP primary domain.