18.4: View Sending Servers

View ESP Sending Servers

View the list of currently available sending server that you have added for the ESP setup. The table on the page provides valuable configuration information on each sending server, along with the ability delete particular entry or edit previously provided details of the server.  Click “View Sending Server” link under “ESP Setup” in left navigation menu to view the list of sending servers.

Table#18.4.1: Currently Available Sending Servers


Serial number of the records in the table, the serial number starts from 1, and ends at 10. Then it moves to the second page for more records. But still by increasing the number of records per page, you can view more than 10 and even all records on one page. Your selection for preferred number of records will remain stable, even if you refresh the page or sign-out and sign-in again. 

Server Name

Name of the particular server that you have provided as first mandatory field while Creating the ESP Sending Server. 


SMTP Host of the sending server. 

Server IP

IP address of the server for SSH access.


The URL you have provided for the clients to complete SPF DNS entry.


It refers to the percentage of the server you have used so far.  It is measured by evaluating the number of accounts you have added into the server, from the proposed limit of client accounts within the sending server.  


Delete particular server entry or edit the configuration details by pressing the desired action button. Following are the details.

Extension-Table#18.4.1: Currently Available Sending Servers 


Discussed separately in the next article, Click to view the details of PMTA Sending Server Configuration. 


Press “Edit” button and you will be taken to the edit page, where you will be able to edit and update the previously saved configuration details of the sending server.


Click the “Cross” button to delete particular sending server entry from the system.

Remaining structure of the “View Sending Server” will follow the pattern of the “View” pages all across the Mumara, following figure illustrates.

Figure#18.4.1:View ESP Sending Servers
View ESP Sending Servers