1.3-Dashboard and Left Navigational Menu

After purchasing the application from Mumara’s official website, and getting it installed on your server with desired installation domain, you need to provide your current login credentials, in order to get a password protected access to your account. Successfully providing the user login will take you to the “Dashboard”, from where you will be able to perform various tasks.

These tasks may include management of the lists and subscribers, designing of the HTML newsletters, scheduling and sending of the email campaigns, setting up the autoresponders or triggers, processing of the bounced and spam emails and analyzing the detailed statistics of the sent campaigns. All these and variety of other features will be performed using the main menu at the left side of your page, and its sub-menus.

Figure#1.3.1 displays the updated dashboard of Mumara 2.13, the arrow indicates the left navigation menu from where you will be performing majority of actions. Throughout the help center articles, the word left navigational menu is repeated several times. 

Mumara currently offers two editions, called Product Edition and ESP Edition respectively. The left navigation menu of the ESP version has addition of few features, and info that appears on the dashboard is also slightly different than the Product Edition. The additional features that ESP edition adds to the left navigational menu are discussed in its respective articles. 

Figure#1.3.1: Dashboard and Left Navigation Menu