1.2- Mumara Installation Steps

Note-To install Mumara, you need ionCube loader in your system. It is available on ionCube official website, and the following help article provides good amount of information on installing the ioncube loader. Follow the steps/ instructions according to your operating system.

Mumara Installation Steps 

Once you are done with ionCube Installation and permissions. The first installation window that appears on the screen provides the following fields to fill with relevant information.

Login Email

Provide the email address that will be used to login Mumara as admin  


Provide password to gain secure access to Mumara

Database Host

Provide the path to the database, it would be the main IP address if the database is located on the remote server, or localhost will be provide, if the database resides in the installation server.

Database Username

Username assigned to access the database

Database Password

Password associated with the above mentioned database username

Database Name

Provide the name of the database

Script URL

Provide the complete URL of your current installation, it will be your current installation domain URL with installation directory, e.g.

Screen 2: Move to the second step by clicking “Start Installation”, application establishes the connection to your database, after verifying the database connection; it automatically completes the installation process, by generating database schema and database tables.

Screen 3: After the installation process completes, it prompts the User Login screen to login to the application using your username and password.

Screen 4: The final step before you finally access the application is validating your license key. Simply copy your license key and paste it in the license box, and that’s it, you are successfully done with Mumara installation.

Watch the short video about the installation steps

File Permission

Following folders under the current installation requires writable permission.


After the installation is done, you can also check the status of the file/folder permission if everything required is working OK. Navigate to check the status of File/Folder permission.

Main Navigation -> Tools -> Check Permissions

Mumara Folder Permissions