1.1-Welcome Note (Table of Content)

Welcome to Mumara and thank you for purchasing it from our website. Mumara is designed by keeping difficulties of contemporary email marketing applications in mind. We are the team of accomplished programmers, who after an extensive experience of email marketing industry and testing of several email marketing applications were able to conceptualize, an all in one email marketing application with several tailored features, an application that can cope the biggest challenge of deliverability, by covering all the vulnerabilities of existent email marketing and list management applications. Mumara is the practical outcome of that very concept of email marketing application, loaded with tailored features.

On the general levels, Mumara enhances the capabilities of performing regular email marketing practices like creating subscriber lists, adding subscribers or creating and sending of the newsletters etc. And on exclusive levels, it has adapted the proactive approach that helps applying customized sending patterns, like sending of Multiple Campaigns using Multiple SMTP accounts with appropriate Domains masked, along with correct sender information batch selected and authentications passed, all in one go. This isn’t it, the cutting edge list management and sending solution provides a big help in saving couple of thousand bucks for email server setup by a specialist. 

The help center sections and articles under each section, explain the features on graphical user interface of the application (GUI Features), 

Table of Contents:

Chapter#1...Getting Started

1.1-Mumara Installation 

1.2-Dashboard and Left Navigational Menu

Chapter#2...Managing Lists

2.1-Create Subscriber Lists
2.2-View Subscriber Lists
2.3-Create Custom Fields
2.4-View Custom Fields
2.5-Create Smaller Segments of Lists
2.6-Create Don’t Send to List (Suppress Emails)
2.7-Create Don’t Send to List (Suppress Domains)

Chapter#3...Managing Subscribers

3.1-Add Subscriber Details Manually
3.2-View All Subscribers in all Lists
3.3-Filter and Delete Subscribers in Bulk
3.4-Import Subscribers from File
3.5-Export Subscribers to a File

Chapter#4...Create and Schedule Campaigns 

4.1-Create a New Email Campaign
4.2-Preview Newly Created Campaign
4.3-View the List of all Campaigns
4.4-Schedule an Email Campaign (General, ADK and Split Test)
4.5-Schedule Multiple Campaigns
4.6-Sending Variations
4.7-Create Split Tests
4.8-View Split Tests
4.9-View Scheduled Campaigns List
4.10-Create Dynamic Content Tags
4.11-View Dynamic Content Tags
4.12-Image/File Manager

Chapter#5...Bounce Processing and Categorization 

5.1-Setup Bounce Accounts
5.2-View Currently Available Bounce Accounts
5.3-Setup Bounce Reasons Manually
5.4-View Manually Setup Bounce Reason

Chapter#6... SMTP Accounts 

6.1-Setup SMTP Accounts
6.2-View Currently Available SMTP Accounts
6.3-Import SMTP Account
6.4-Blacklists Selection

Chapter#7...Mask Forwarding 

7.1-Setup Domains for Masking
7.2-View Masking Domains

Chapter#8...Spin Tags

8.1-Create Spin Tags
8.2-View Currently Available Spin Tags

Chapter#9...Manage Auto Responders 

9.1-Create Auto Responders
9.2-View Auto Responders

Chapter#10..Manage Triggers

10.1-Setup Triggers
10.2-View Currently Available Triggers

Chapter#11..FBL Processors

11.1-Setup Feedback Loop Processors
11.2-View Feedback Loop Processors


12.1-Adknowledge (Adstation Integrated)
12.2-Mandril Integration 

Chapter#13..Website Forms

13.1-Create Website Forms
13.2-View Website Forms


14.1-Stats of Email Campaigns
14.2-Stats of Adknowledge Campaigns
14.3-Stats of Auto Responders 
14.4-Stats of Trigger Based Campaigns
14.5-Stats of Split Tests


15.1-Current Status of Cron Jobs

Chapter#16..User Management 

16.1-Create User’s Role Groups
16.2-View User’s Role Groups
16.3-Create new User Account
16.4-View Currently Available User Accounts

Chapter#17..General Settings

17.1-Application Settings
17.2-Setup and Manage Cron
17.3-White Labeling MUMARA