10.3:Trigger Notification Email

Trigger Notification Email

The trigger notification emails are set to initiate predefined emails consisting of trigger action report. Trigger based actions have already been elaborated while discussing “Setup New Triggers”. The actions include.

  • Move Subscribers to another List
  • Copy Subscribers to another List
  • Remove Subscriber from the Current List
  • Add Subscribers to Suppression List
  • Send an Email to Subscribers

Setting up notification email and enabling notification email option while setting up the new triggers, will make it possible for you to receive notification email informing about trigger action activity. The notification email works with the trigger cron and automatically informs about the trigger action activity with every interval. 

The table followed by the figure below, describes the fields of the page.

Figure#10.3.1: Notification Email for Trigger Actions

Trigger Notification

Table#10.3.1: Trigger Notification Email 

Send to Email Address

Provide an email address where you want to receive notification emails.


Provide a subject as per the notification of the email content. Default subject field is filled with “Trigger Activity Report”. However, you can change and update the default subject line.

HTML Email

The HTML editor already has the default content and the custom variables for the notification email. The variables are set to obtain information of the date and time of sending the notification email, and also trigger details from the saved triggers.

Text Email

The editor for the text content.


Choose one or more SMTPs from the SMTP list to send this notification email.

Sender Information

Sender information is the set of information that will go along with the notification email. You are offered two options to select one of it.


The first option next to “Sender Information” is intended to select the sender ID batch that you have created while setting up the selected SMTP account(s).  Selection of this option will enable the application to automatically get the required sender information from the select SMTP account(s), and send this campaign using the set of information saved in particular SMTP account.

From Name

An additional field will appear below once you select “From SMTP”. The field enables to provide separate “From Name” in the field other than the “From Name” which you already have provided during the creation of the selected SMTP account. If you use this additional from name field, this from name will replace the name setup and saved in the sender information batch of the SMTP account. Rest of the information such as “Reply Email” or Bounce Email will remain the same as suggested in the SMTP account.

However, if you don’t want to use the additional from name field and want your email to be sent out using the from name setup in the sender information batch of SMTP, then tick the checkbox underneath the from name field, to make this field irrelevant.


If you opt to provide “Custom” sender information, the following fields will appear on your screen to provide relevant details to move forward.

The selection of the “Custom” sender information ensures that no information has been obtained from SMTP, and the particular email campaign is set to be sent using the custom sender details.

 Custom Sender Information

From Name

Provide the name of the person/company, who is sending this email message, the name will appear in from field of the recipient’s email client.

From Email


Email of the person/company who is sending the email message. It helps recipients to recognize the sender of the email.

Bounce Email


Email account for bounce collection

Reply Email

It informs the recipient that in case of replying to the message. Reply will be sent to that “Reply to” email.

Click Submit to save the notification email information. You need to activate the notification email option while setting up the new trigger, in order to receive the trigger activity notifications.

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