10.2-View Currently Available Triggers

View Triggers

The page lets you view all the triggers which you earlier have created using “Create Triggers” page. Next to the name of every trigger listed in the table, you can not only view all important information with regard to that particular trigger, but also can perform quick actions to edit the information provided earlier and reset the criteria to trigger the action. Reach “View Triggers” under “Trigger” in the left side menu. See the following image

Figure#10.2.1: Viewing the List of Triggers

View Triggers

Table#10.2.1: Viewing Details of Currently Available Triggers  


Serial number of the records in the table, the serial number starts from 1, and ends at 10. Then it moves to the second page for more records. But still by increasing the number of records per page, you can view more than 10 and even all records on one page. See Number of Records Per Page, after this table finishes.

Trigger Name

As described during the discussion of creating new trigger, the process starts by providing basic information. The first field which is required to fill is the name of the trigger you are setting up, the very column for trigger name contains the names that you had provided to identify the particular trigger among the list of other triggers,

Created On

The date when the particular triggers was created and saved into the system.


The column displays the type of the trigger which you have selected during the completion of the first step of creating the particular trigger. This would be one of like, On Email Opening, On Link Clicking, On Specific Calendar Date, Birthday, Bounced, Unsubscribed, Delivery Status etc. 

Send Email

The column shows your selection of sending or not sending a trigger based email campaign, when the criteria to trigger the action is met. 

Trigger Action

The column shows the criteria which is set to trigger the action. Setting up criteria for the trigger to perform action has already been discussed in detail while discussing the second step “Actions” of creating new trigger.

Activity Status

This shows the activity status of the trigger, if the trigger is active then it would be marked as “Active” and in case if the trigger is not active, it will be marked as “Inactive”. However you can easily change the activity status of the triggers.

Action to Perform

It refers to the action that the trigger is set to perform after meeting predefined criteria. Such as moving the subscribers to another list, or copying, suppression and performing other list of actions. 


The last column of the table offers two buttons to quickly manage some of the important tasks related to listed triggers. Following are the details of the actions you can perform using the buttons.

Figure#10.2.2: Performing Quick Actions

Quick Actions-Triggers
Extension- Table#10.2.1: Viewing Details of Currently Available Triggers (Actions) 


Clicking on Edit button will take you directly to the first step of the process of editing the trigger. You can edit the particular trigger the same way you have created it earlier by completing all four steps. Not only this, you can also modify the criteria to trigger the action and also the selection of the trigger based campaign.


Click the cross next to the “Edit” button to permanently delete particular trigger from the system.

a)       Number of records per page:

To select the number of records you want to view per page, the page puts a dropdown menu on view towards the top of the page. The dropdown menu starts from 10 records to display, and ends with all records on one page. The following figure indicates the position of the dropdown on the page.

Figure #10.2.3: Number of Records per Page

Records per page-Triggers

b)      Copy or Print Trigger Details Table

Use the copying options to copy the data in the columns of the table appears below. You can copy the table by using the “Copy” button and can paste it manually in a file, or can copy and save the complete table along with the columns to .CSV file, Excel or PDF format. Further you can get a print out of the complete table by clicking “Print”. See the following figure.

Figure#10.2.4: Copying Trigger Details Table

Copy Table-View Triggers

c)       Search Triggers 

The search box helps to search particular trigger from its name. The search function works to search the relevant query on the same page without refreshing, as soon as you starting entering the text into the search box, the system will start generating and sorting the results. By providing the trigger type into the search box, you can also view the filtered table of the results based on trigger type.

Figure#10.2.5: Searching Triggers

Search Triggers