11.2-View Feedback Loop Processors

View Feedback Loops

Like other view pages across MUMARA, the Feedback loop(s) page helps to view the list of currently available Feedback loop(s), along with the quick action buttons to perform couple of actions to manage the FBL Processing Accounts.

Click “Feedback Loop(s)” under the “Authentications” to view and manage the list of existing Feedback loops. 

Figure#11.2.1: View FBL Accounts

View Feedback Loops

Table#11.2.1: View FBL Details


Serial number of the FBL processing accounts in the table from 1-10 in ascending order. To view more than one records and even All records on one page, read the passage under "Records Per Page" followed by this table. 


The basic information of the FBL processing account starts by providing the FBL Name, name is the first and mandatory field in the process of setting up Feedback loop. The column shows that particular name next to each FBL processing account listed in the table.


The host which you have mentioned while creating the particular FBL processing account, this is actually the path to your email server or the server where the account to collect and process the spam email is hosted.


The username of the email address which you have setup and provided while creating particular FBL, to collect and process the spam/ abuse emails.


Which method or access protocol the particular FBL is using? Whether it is IMAP or POP, the column provides the relevant information.


The opening port which you have selected while creation of the FBL processing account, the default opening ports are 143 for IMAP and 110 for POP respectively.


The column shows the number of spam complaints processed using the FBL processing account.


The extension of the above mentioned table provides the information about couple of actions you can perform using the action buttons. 

Figure#11.2.2: Perform Quick Actions

Quick Actions-FBL

Extension- Table#11.2.1: View FBL Details (Actions)


Clicking on the edit button will directly lead you to the page, where you will be able to modify the information you have setup earlier.


Click the button and you will be asked to confirm, if you really want to delete the FBL processor account. Answering the prompt message in yes will result in the deletion of that FBL account permanently from the system.

a)      Number of records per page

To select the number of records you want to view per page, the page puts a dropdown menu on view towards the top of the page. The dropdown menu starts from 10 records to display, and ends with all records on one page. The following figure indicates the position of the dropdown on the page.

Figure#11.2.3: Number of Records per Page

Records per Page-FBL

b)      Copy or Print View FBL Table 

Use the copying options to copy the data in the columns of the table appears below. You can copy the table by using the “Copy” button and can paste it manually in a file, or can copy and save the complete table along with the columns to .CSV file, Excel or PDF format. Further you can get a print out of the complete table by clicking “Print”. See the following figure.

Figure#10.2.4: Copying View FBL Table

Copy Table-FBL

c)      Search FBL Account 

The search box not only helps to search particular account by its name from the list, but also lets you filter the records with its account type (POP/ IMAP).You can type POP in the search box to search all the accounts created by keeping POP as account type, same goes with IMAP.

The sorting of the relevant results will be done on the same page without refreshing, which is really helpful in case you don’t remember the exact name of the FBL to Search.  

Figure#10.2.5:Searching FBL Account

Search Records