12.2-Adknowledge (Adstation Integrated)

Adknowledge Settings

With the help of constant optimization of the system to improve deliverability, valuable algorithms to grow the click through rates and strong relationship with the advertisers who are looking for targeted email traffic, ADK has earned a reputation of largest privately owned digital marketplace.

The effortless integration of Adknowledge email API, helps the clients of MUMARA having publisher account with ADK, to take full advantage of their data. With this integration, application returns with the best suitable HTML campaigns for the recipients in the batch, you supply for each connection.

After successfully setting up your ADK account details, you can schedule the ADK campaign just by selecting the campaign type as “Adknowledge” and following the same process, as you do in the case of general purpose email campaign. The table followed by the image below, provides the detailed insight on how to properly setup and implement Adknowledge publisher account with MUMARA?

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Figure#12.2.1:  Adknowledge Account Settings

AdStation Integrated

Table#12.2.1: setting up ADK Publisher Account

Publisher ID

The publisher ID which the account manager has emailed you, along with some other welcome letter credentials.  The account manager provides this publisher ID in digits (e.g. 789). The sender of the ADK welcome email along with the credentials, introduces himself as account manager.


ADK assigns a unique security token with each publisher ID, it is a random number like e122f6e123456, the correctness of the token ensures configuration of your account appropriately.  ADK also recommends and limits the number of requests to ADK per one token, the advised number of request per one token are ten. To increase the number of requests, you can consult adstation support.

ID Domain

ADK advises the publishers to configure separate domains for image links and another for click links, for the better work flow, and effective click through processing. But it isn’t compulsory to use a separate domain/ URL. You can use a single domain for both the image and click links as well.

The ID domain refers to the image domain. Configure any subdomain to fill ID domain field, for example The ID domain is actually the image host proxy, and you need to create corresponding CNAME record for the domain.

CNAME is the type of record in the DNS, which helps to map a name to another name. In case of ID domain configuration, the CNAME record should point to the Web Farm Entry Point. The Adstation account manager emails the web farm entry point to each publisher account holder, along with other information such as publisher ID, Token and List IDs. The web farm entry point looks like in which 123 is the publisher ID that you already have filled in the first field of this form.

The DNS setting for each host is different from another, reach the page that might be called Name Server Settings, DNS Management or Name Server Manager. The Host, Alias or Name is the source field value you want to use, for example or simply adstation. Choose the record type “CNAME” from the list of available record types, and then provide the URL of the domain which you want to point to. This would be the web farm entry point URL, for example 

CD Domain

Configure the CD domain (Click Domain) in the similar manner, which you have followed to configure the ID (Image Domain). It can be the same subdomain like, or can be a separate domain like Follow the same process to create a corresponding CNAME records as mentioned above for ID domain, and proceed.

Batch Size

A dropdown starting from 100 ending with 500 to select the recipients’ batch request to supply for each connection. As it is recommended by ADK to don't include more than 500 recipients per one batch request.  The ADK returns with the suitable campaign for the each user as per the recipient batch request.

Expire Link For

If you want the links to get expired for the specific duration of time, select the expiration time from this dropdown. It means that if the account is configured with 1 minute link expiration time. After clicking for once, the link will remain expired for next one minute for the recipient. The feature is actually developed to secure the system for bot behavior detection. Adstation will not log the click, during expiration of the link.


If you want to test the information provided, select “Yes” from the dropdown. Adstation will not log the request flagged as “Test”

List IDs

Provide the list IDs provided to you by the account manager in welcome letter email. All list IDs should be separated with a line, one ID per one line.