13.2-View Website Forms

View Website Form

Information related to the currently available website forms. The table below enables to view, edit and delete the existing website forms across the application/ user account. Reach “View Web Form” under “Web Forms” in the main navigational menu as in the figure below.

Figure#13.2.1: Viewing Web Form Details

View Web Forms

Table#13.2.1: Details of the Web Forms


Serial number in which the records are listed in the table, first page shows 1-10 records. However, you can view more and even all records on one page, by selecting all from the dropdown appears right above the "Sr" column. 


Form name is the first mandatory field in the process of creating new website form.  The name helps to identify particular web form among others.

Create On

Date of creation of the particular web form.

Double Opt-in

Double opt-in is the most reliable process of getting a person to subscribe to your list. The column shows, which web form follows the double opt-in process of subscription? When it says “Yes”, it means that the subscription is done by following the double opt-in process. When it says “No”, it means the opposite.

Thank You Action

The column shows which web form is directed to take Thank You action on successful completion of the subscription process. When it says “Yes”, it means that particular form is directed to send a thank you email when subscription is done. When it says “No” it means the opposite.


Followed by the above mentioned details of the currently available web forms, table moves to the next column which is “Actions”. 

Figure#13.2.2: Perform Quick Actions

Quick Actions-Web Forms

Extension- Table#13.2.1: Details of the Web Forms


Clicking on the edit button will directly lead you to the page, where you will be able to modify the information you have setup earlier.


Clicking on the “Copy HTML” will take you to the page, where you will be able to copy the HTML code of the particular form to use on a web page. See the Figure#13.2.3


Click the button and you will be asked to confirm, if you really want to delete the website form. Answering the prompt message in yes will result in the deletion of the website form permanently from the application. 

Figure#13.2.3: Getting Web Form HTML

Get Web Form HTML

a)      Number of records per page

To select the number of records you want to view per page, the page puts a dropdown menu on view towards the top of the page. The dropdown menu starts from 10 records to display, and ends with all records on one page. The following figure indicates the position of the dropdown on the page.

Figure #13.2.4: Number of Records per Page

Records per Page-Web Forms

b)      Copy or Print View Web Form Table  

Use the copying options to copy the data in the columns of the table appears below. You can copy the table by using the “Copy” button and can paste it manually in a file, or can copy and save the complete table along with the columns to .CSV file, Excel or PDF format. Further you can get a print out of the complete table by clicking “Print”. See the following figure.

Figure#13.2.5: Copying Web Forms Table

Copy Table-Web Forms

c)      Searching Web From

If you have setup a large number of web forms and the table contains a long list of web forms to view. You can follow the quick process of searching particular web form by typing its name in the search box. Following figure demonstrates searching of the web form.

Figure#13.2.6: Searching Web Forms

Search Records-Web Forms