15.1-Current Status of Cron Jobs

Cron Status

Cron is software utility for the UNIX based system similar to “Scheduled Tasks” in Windows; this helps to automatically execute the scripts/commands on predefined time. If you have enabled the cron and have it setup with the application, this page “Cron Status” will provide you the information about the current status of tasks/commands scheduled to run by the “Cron”. The “Cron Status” page resides under the “Tools” in the main navigational menu. You setup the time for all these jobs using “Cron Settings” page under application settings. Read more on “Cron Settings

Figure#15.1.1: Current Status of Cron Jobs

You will be able to view the following information on the “Cron Status” page

Table#15.1.1: Current Status of Cron Jobs

Cron Job Command

The path specified is required when you are setting up your server for cron support. This is the path to the script required to execute auto responders, scheduled emails, trigger based campaigns, and to process the bounced emails automatically using “Cron”

Cron Job Time

The time interval of the “Cron”. This indicates that the “Cron” is set to run every interval of the mentioned time.

Cron Job Status

If the cron is enabled, you’ll see the message “Working Fine”, if it is disabled or having some trouble, this will show the message which says “Not Working".

Email Scheduling

It shows when the last time cron executed the scheduled email campaigns. This does not mean the time you have set for the cron, cron is set to run at its time. When it runs after an interval like every 5 minutes, it checks if there is any command/job in the queue.

And if there is any, it executes it straightaway. So it shows the time when the scheduled email command was actually executed through “Cron”

Adknowledge Email Sending

Same goes for the Adknowlege campaigns as described above for “Email Scheduling”. It shows the time when the last Adknowledge campaigns were executed through cron.

Split Test Sending

The time when the last split test executed by the cron to test the effectiveness of particular campaign.

Trigger Sending

Time when the last time subscribers received the trigger based campaign. In case of triggers, you set criteria for the subscribers to receive the trigger based campaign.

Triggers are set to send on a specific date (Calendar Triggers), or can be set to send on opening an email or clicking the link in the email. It is the time when the last time trigger command was being executed through the "Cron" instance. 

 Auto Respodner Sending

Auto responder cron resembles in its work as described above for the trigger based campaign. Once a newly subscribed contact, or the one who has spent specific amount of time in your list, fulfills the criteria to receive the auto-responder.

The email of such subscriber moves to the queue, and when the cron executes the auto responder command, all the emails in queue will receive the email. This refers to the time when the last time Auto Responder command was being executed using "Cron" intervals. 

Bounce Processing

The time when the last time bounces were processed using Cron. 

FBL Processing

The FBL account and the bounce account works almost the same, you setup a time for the FBL command to run after each interval, cron initiates the process after each interval of the set time. This filed shows the time when the last time cron initiated the process of processing the spam/abuse complaints.

Reputation Monitor

It shows the last time when reputation monitor checked the reputation of sending IPs through cron.

Maintenance Process

The last time when the command to perform the maintenance tasks were executed through cron.