16.5: Add Email Credits

Some of your users/clients may need send some extra emails, and they already have used the email credits offered in their User's Role Group, you as administrator can experience this situation, especially if you using ESP edition of Mumara. This section will help the administrator account to add additional credits to particular user account, and here is how you do.

a) User Account 

Select the user account to which you want to assign additional credits. The dropdown will show all currently available user accounts to select the one you want to give additional email credits. 

b) Email Credits 

In this field, put the number of email credits you want to assign the selected user. As mentioned earlier, these email credits are additional to what was provided by the User's Group, and will not have any effect on the email credits saved in the user group. 

c) Month Date

Select the credit month when you want this client to start using the additional email credits. The email credits will remain valid for the selected month only, and this quota of the additional credits will automatically expire after the credit month ends.

Click "Submit" to save changes

Figure#16.5.1: Additional Email Credits

Additional Email Credits

Added Credits 

The columns of the table on the right side of your screen will remain empty, until you start populating it by adding additional credits to some user/client account. The columns will be showing the following information. 

Table#16.5.1: Added Credits 


Serial number of records in the table.


Name of the client provided with extra email credits, additional to what was initially offered in related User's Role. 


Number of additional email credits assigned.

Credit Month

Email credits will remain valid throughout the credit month only. Remain credits will automatically be expired upon ending this credit month.

Added On

It shows the precise date when the email credits were actually being added into the client's account. 

Extension:Table#16.5.1: Added Credits 


Click to edit the earlier saved preferences.


Click to suspend the additionally provided credits at any time, it will delete the entry from the table and also suspend the email credits associated with the deleted entry.  

Figure#16.5.2: Table of Clients Having Additional Email Credits

Added Email Credits