16.4-View Currently Available User Accounts

View user Account

View and manage the user accounts from the table of all available user accounts. Each user which you have created is listed in the table along with the relevant information such as user’s role group. Click “View User Accounts” under “Create New User” in the main navigational menu to reach to the page.

Figure#16.4.1: Viewing the User Accounts
View User Accounts

Table#16.4.1: Viewing User Accounts


Serial number of the records in the table on one page. 

Complete Name

Complete name of the user which you have provided while creating the new user account.

Login Email

The email which you have provided while creating the new user account, for the user to login to the account.


The column shows which user’s role group the particular user belongs to.


Couple of following actions can be performed using the action buttons.

Figure#16.4.2: Perform Quick Actions
Quick Actions-User Accounts

Extension- Table#16.4.1: Viewing User Accounts (Actions)


Provides you the ability to modify and reset the details of the account selected for edition, you can change the login information for the users and can reassign a user’s role group to the selected user.


Click the button and you will be asked to confirm, if you really want to delete the user account from the database. Answering the prompt message in yes will result in the deletion of the user permanently from the database.

Login with the User

Press the small key button to login from that particular account, the feature is exclusive for the admin user of the application to actively monitor other user accounts in the application.  

a)      Number of records per page

To select the number of records you want to view per page, the page puts a dropdown menu on view towards the top of the page. The dropdown menu starts from 10 records to display, and ends with all records on one page. The following figure indicates the position of the dropdown on the page.

Figure #16.4.3: Number of Records per Page
Records per Page-User Accounts

b)      Copy or Print User Accounts Table

Use the copying options to copy the data in the columns of the table appears below. You can copy the table by using the “Copy” button and can paste it manually in a file, or can copy and save the complete table along with the columns to .CSV file, Excel or PDF format. Further you can get a print out of the complete table by clicking “Print”. See the following figure.

Figure#16.4.4: Copying User Accounts Table
Copy Table-User Accounts

c)       Search User Account

Search a user from the list of currently available users, you can type complete name of the user in the search box to initiate the search. Or you can also view the users in particular group, by typing the user's role group name in the search box. It will sort and will show the filtered table according to the search query, like in the following Figure#16.4.5.

Figure#16.4.5: Searching User Accounts
Search Records-User Accounts