Activity Logs

A new section has been added under the "Settings" in main navigational menu. This section keeps the record of all activities performed by the user, and maintains logs of the activities such as creating an email list, adding subscribers, SMTP accounts and all other activities performed by the user. The table that opens after clicking the "Activity Log" consists of 4 columns, discussed followed by the image below. 

Figure#17.3.1: View Activity Logs

Activity Logs

Table#17.3.1: View Activity Logs 


Serial Number of Records in Table, the table shows 50 records by default that you can change from 50 to show even all records on the first page of the table. 


Name of the activity being performed, like Added Email Template, Updated Custom Header etc.

Performed By

The user name who has performed the particular activity, it doesn't only maintain the log of the user with administrative rights in Mumara, but it also maintains the logs of the user accounts that has been created using "User Management" section of Mumara. 

Performed At

Shows the precise time and date when the activity was being performed.