17.2-Default Email Notifications

Default Email Notifications

The default email notifications are set to initiate notification email automatically after completing particular action. The actions include when the scheduled segment copied, moved or exported. Or actions specific for the ESP admin to send to the subscriber of ESP, few examples are upon submitting Sender ID Information, upon Approving Sender ID, Upon Deactivating or suspending some Account etc. This section will help to create content for default email notification and connect it to particular action. The application automatically triggers the notification email after the related action completes. Following area explains the process in detail.

Reach “Default Email Notifications” under “Settings” in the main navigation menu. Once in, click the little plus sign towards the right side of your screen to create a new notification email.

Figure#17.2.1: Add Email Template
New Email Template

The following screen will open once you click the little plus sign.

Figure#17.2.2: Create Default Email Notification
Notification Template

Following table further discusses the information you need to provide in each field while creating a new default notification email.

Table#17.2.1: Creating Default Email Notification


The first field holds a dropdown menu containing the list of the actions for the default email notification. Both the product version and the ESP version vary in the list of the actions you can perform. For example, ESP version consists of actions like “Approved Sender ID” or “Account Activated” while product version action list doesn’t have these particular actions. So both the versions have some common and some distinct actions in action list.

Email Subject

Email subject line is mandatory field and requires filling with the subject of the notification email, it can be something like action completed, segment moved or anything related to the action which is performed.  

Notify Admin

Work this button towards the right side to notify the admin when particular action is completed.

Notification Email

This field only appears if you have selected to notify the admin upon completing particular action. This is actually the subject of the notification email that will notify the admin once the action is completed. It can be different than the “Email Subject” or also can be the same.

Create HTML Content

The “HTML Content Editor” or simply HTML editor helps to create and edit HTML content for the notification email.  The “Tool Bar” at the top of the content editor will help to perform various actions like uploading new document, inserting pictures or table into the content, adding or removing anchor tags, choosing a font family for the content and other related tasks.

Custom Variables

As mentioned above, dynamic tag improves the relevancy of your content to a large extent, which eventually helps to accelerate the process of achieving the targets. When you click “Select Custom Variables” a dropdown menu will appear on your screen, clicking on any of the element in dropdown will create a dynamic tag in the body of your content.

Copy as Text

This feature “Copy as Text” lets you to copy all the text from the “HTML Content” editor to the “Text Content” editor. No matter whatever is written and how long it is, it just needs a click of your mouse to copy all as text into the “Text Content” box below.

Create Text Content

Text content editor helps to create text content for notification email. The process of creating the text notification email will remain the same as discussed above for creating an HTML campaign, the mandatory fields will remain the same and needs to be filled with appropriate information like “Campaign Name” or “Email Subject Line" etc. Moreover, the custom variables part will also work the same in case of creating text content.

Attach Files

Attach the images and other files with the notification email using “Attach File” section towards the bottom. You can attach three files with the notification email.

Here finishes the details of a new notification email template, to save the details of newly created email click “Submit”, click “Rest” to simply wipe out and to revise all the details.

Preview your Campaign

You can preview your notification email using the preview tool integrated towards the bottom of the page. The process of previewing the notification email is as same as previewing the email campaign which has been discussed before.  Follow the link to find more details.

Preview Email Campaign