17.4-Setup and Manage Cron

Setup and Manage Cron

Cron is the utility which runs the commands that require executing repeatedly at specified time schedule. The page “Cron Settings” helps to setup the time for the tasks that you want to run using cron. In order to run these pre-scheduled tasks, you first need to enable your server for cron support. Unless the server is enabled for cron support, you wouldn’t be able to forward the execution request to cron. Therefore, request the server administrator to first enable the system for cron support and then configure the jobs as described in the following area.  Click “Cron Settings” from main navigational menu.

Current Status of Cron Jobs

Figure#17.4.1: Cron Settings
Cron Settings

Run Now

Run now button next to the every schedule task in the cron table will enable running the particular job on very next instance, when the cron completes the set interval, irrespective of the schedule you have set for the job to run. For example, you have scheduled the “Adknowledge Campaigns” to run after every 15 minutes, and the cron is set to run after the interval of every 5 minutes. Clicking on the button “Send Now” will execute the scheduled campaigns without waiting for another 15 minutes (Set Schedule), it will run the campaign on the next interval of the cron, the maximum delay which can occur in this case is 5 minutes. 

Figure#17.4.2: Run Now
Run Cron Immediately

The table which opens allows configuring the jobs in following table.

Following Table consists of

  • Dropdown Selection

Table#17.4.1: Cron Table

Email Sending

Suggest the time for the scheduled email sending, using the dropdown. Click “Run Now” to execute the scheduled emails on the very next run of the cron, as described above. The first option in the dropdown “Disable” will disable the cron support for scheduled “Email Sending”.

Adknowledge Sending

Control the time for the “Adnowledge Campaign” sending using cron. Select “Disable” from the dropdown to disable cron support for AKD campaigns.

Split Test Sending

This helps to manage the scheduled split testing, to make the cron support inactive for split testing, click “Disable” from dropdown. 

Trigger Sending

When you create triggers, you recommend criteria for the trigger to perform action. Once a subscriber fulfills the criteria to receive the trigger based email campaign, his/her email moves in the queue to receive the trigger based email campaign.

Use the dropdown to decide on the time after which you want the cron to run the command, which checks and sends the email to the qualified subscribers in the queue. 

Auto responder Sending

Auto responder follows more or less the same process as described above for triggers. Use the dropdown to decide on the time after which you want the cron to send the auto responder to the qualified subscribers. And select the first option from the dropdown to “Disable” the cron support for auto responders.

Bounce Processing

Suggest the time to process the bounced emails. Click “Run Now” if you want the process bounce command to run on the very next instance of the cron, without waiting for the scheduled time to complete, to disable automatic bounce processing using cron, select “Disallow” from the dropdown.

FBL Processing

Decide on the time for the FBL account to process the spam/abuse complaints automatically using cron. Disable automatic processing of the spam complaints by selecting “Disable” from the dropdown, and click “Run Now” to run spam/abuse processing on very next instance of cron. 

Reputation Monitor

The time after which you want the sending IPs to be checked against the blacklists, automatically using the cron.  If you don’t want to wait until the next interval of the scheduled time approaches, click “Run Now” to execute the command for reputation check on the very next run of cron.

If you want to check your IPs manually, disable cron support by selecting “Disable” from the dropdown.

Maintenance Process

Manage the time for the system to run automatic maintenance process using cron. Select “Disable” from the dropdown to disable the cron support for maintenance process. To run the process instantly, click “Run Now” to execute the maintenance command on the next interval of cron.