17.5-White Labeling MUMARA

White Labeling MUMARA

White labeling is one of the powerful components integrated with MUMARA, which helps its customers to completely rebrand the application, with your private label. You can modify the details following a simple process of filling some fields, which even a non-technical person can do. Reach “White Labeling” at the bottom of the left navigational menu, to make the application looks like yours.

a)      Modify Application Details

You are offered two fields to modify the basic details of the application. The basic details include the title of the application and the tag line. The title you provide in the field will eventually replace the default title “MUMARA”, after you save the changes. The tagline or you may say short slogans are well accepted modernized way of branding your software, fill it with something catchy.

Figure#17.5.1: Modifying Application Details

White Label MumaraClassic

b)      Branding

Both favicon and logo are the important identities of your application, people do consider to design a good logo but favicon is often overlooked. Favicon image is important to make your webpage look different among the other opened tabs, like the famous “f” of Facebook or “g” of Google has become identity for both in the web space.

The favicon image also appears on the toolbar of your browser, when you bookmark an application or website. Therefore do consider uploading appropriate images for branding options, both logo and favicon. A favicon is in today’s fast growing web space isn’t a separate image; it is mostly your small logo. Click “Choose File” and upload appropriate images.

Figure#17.5.2: Choosing Logo and Favicon Images

Favicon Image

c)      Subscriber Settings

Is Email Required?

In most cases an email is required to save a subscriber to your lists, and it has almost become a mandatory qualification for a contact to subscribe to your list. But still, if you want to use the application as a CRM and want to save a person in your contact list/subscriber list without email, work this button towards left. When you do this, the button will turn into white and this option will be selected as “No”. Keep it at right on its default position, if you want this a compulsory action to provide an email to save a person's detail as subscriber/contact.

Figure#17.5.3 Email is not required
Use as CRM

d)      Meta Tags

Mata helps to describe the data on the webpage or in the related application. Mata is and has always been on the rise, in order to make everybody understand webpage/application. The title, a description of the application and keywords linked with the content expressed through Meta tags. 

Meta Title: Provide an appropriate title of the page

Meta Keywords: Comma separated words, short sentences which people can provide to search your application or application like yours. These words should be related to the content of your email. Inappropriate keywords won’t take you anywhere.

Meta Description: A very concise note to describe that what the application is all about? 

e)      Footer Setting

Hide Footer

In order to modify the application completely with your private label, you may need to modify the copyright notice and powered by information in the footer. To make this happen, you first need to hide the default application information by working the button towards right.

By default it says the application is developed by Hostings House (Powered by Hostings House) and MUMARA reserves the copyrights. If you don’t hide the footer and modify the information using the two following fields, the footer will keep on displaying the default information along with the modified one. The following Figure#17.5.4 demonstrates that the button is at its default position and will show the default footer along with your modified information, unless you work this button towards right, like in the Figure#17.5.5. 
Figure#17.5.4: Without Hiding Default Footer
Hide Default Footer
Figure#17.5.5: Hiding the Default Footer
Hidden Default Footer

To make it work properly, first hide the default information from the footer and then provide the desired “Licensed to” and “Powered by Information”

Press “Submit” to save and apply the changes.