18.1: Create Sub-User Groups

The sub-user groups and sub-user accounts is the newly added feature of Mumara, that is different from the User’s Role Groups and the general User Accounts the admin can create using “User Management” module of Mumara. These groups actually offer the admin an ability to share its privileges with a users in the particular group. 

Sub-users will be discussed in its respective article,  the following passage discusses creating sub-user groups. Sub-User Accounts has separate navigational division in the left menu, click Sub-User Group to start creating new Sub-User Role Group.

The process is simple and pretty much similar to creating user’s role group in user management. You will just put forward a “Group Name” in its respective field, and start giving privileges to the sub-users that you will later add to this group. Tick the checkbox to allow sub-user group to perform particular action, keep the box empty if you don't want the sub-user in this particular group to perform certain actions. 

Figure#18.1: Creating Sub-User's Role Group

After completing, click the Submit button to save the settings.