18.3:Create a Sub-User

A sub-user will be performing allowed tasks on behalf of admin user account, and will not be able to manage its user account separately. The admin user actually shares its privileges with the sub-user account to manage his workflow. Actions that sub-user will perform will be logged in the admin's profile as primary/parent account.

The principle difference between the Users that you create using “User Management” module and the “Sub-User” is that the user has ability to manage his/her account/ profile separately, while sub-user uses privileges shared by the admin.  Admin can employ sub-users to manage Lists, SMTP/IP monitoring, Campaign management and other desired tasks. 

Click “Create a Sub-User” under “Sub-User Accounts” in the left navigation and start creating new sub- user. The process of creating a sub-user is same as we already have discussed for the user account in user management. 

Figure#18.3.1: Creating New Sub-User

Create Sub-User Account

Following Table Consists of:

  • Text Fields
  • Dropdown Selection 

Table#18.3.1: New Sub-User Details 

Complete Name

Provide the complete name of the sub-user you want to create, you can either provide the name of the person who is going to handle this account or also can fill this field with the role/designation of the person within the organization for example “Campaign Manager” etc.

Login Email

Provide an email address in the field to continue, the sub-user will be able to login to his account by providing this email. 


Access to the application is password protected; therefore assign a password to the new sub-user to access the account.

Confirm Password

Confirm the password which you have provided in above field.

Account Status

Mark this sub-user account as “Active” for the sub-user to start working straightaway. “Inactive” sub-user accounts will not be able to login to the application.

Time Zone

Select the time zone for the new sub-user, the sub-user will be able to set the scheduled tasks like auto responders, trigger based campaigns or scheduled sending according to the time zone selected for the account.

User Group

The dropdown opens with a list of currently available sub-user’s role groups. Make the new sub-user account, part of an existing group from the list, as per the role of the sub-user. The new user will only be able to perform the tasks assigned to its user group.

Click "Submit" to save the sub-user's account details.