18.4: View Sub-User Accounts

The view table offers valuable information in regard to currently available sub-user accounts, their privacy group names (Sub-User’s Group), account status and an ability to perform couple of actions. Both the following table and the screen shot explains the columns of the table, and actions you can perform.

Table#18.4.1: View Sub-User Accounts


Serial number of the records in the table

Complete Name

Complete name of the user which you have provided while creating the new sub-user account.

Login Email

The email which you have provided while creating the new sub-user account, for the sub-user to login to the account.


The column shows which sub-user’s role group the particular user belongs to. 


Current status of sub-user account, is it “Active” or “Deactivated” by the admin. Deactivated sub-users will no longer be able to access their accounts. You can click on “Active” to change the current status from active to “Inactive” or reactivate the account by clicking “Inactive”.  

Extension-Table#18.4.1: View Sub-User Accounts


Click to edit the account information; you can change the name, login email and even the sub-user group to update the user privileges.


Click the button and you will be asked to confirm, if you really want to delete the sub-user account. Answering the prompt message in yes will result in the deletion of the sub-user permanently, and you will no longer be able to restore the sub-user account after deletion. 

Login with the User

Press the small key button to login from that particular sub-account, the feature is exclusive for the admin user of the application to actively monitor other user accounts in the application.  

Figure#18.4.1: View Sub-User Accounts