18.2:View Sub-User's Role Groups

View table of Sub-User Group is simple with few options to view, search, edit and delete the currently available groups.  You can also copy, export and print the view table. Following table explains the fields, while the screen shot also explains the elements on view page.

Table#18.2.1: View Sub-User's Role Groups 


Serial Number of Records in Table, the table can show from 10 records to “All” records on one page.

Group Name

Name that has been provided while the creation of the particular sub-user group.


The buttons under “Actions” column offers ability to perform couple of actions discussed in the extension table below.

Extension-Table#18.2.1: View Sub-User's Role Groups 


Click to Edit group name, and its privileges. Once updated, all users in this group will be assigned newly updated privileges. 


Click the cross button to delete this group from the list.

Table#18.2.1: View Sub-User's Role Groups

View Sub-Users Groups