19.2: View Email Templates

View table of “View Email Templates” is pretty much similar to other view pages across the application. It offers the list of all currently available email templates with ability edit, delete and copy particular email template from the table. The columns in the table are discussed in this article.

Table#19.2.1: View Email Templates


Serial number of records in the table


Shows that the particular email template is part of that specific group



Name of this email template, names and group names help in better categorization of email templates

Created On

Date when this email template was created


The last column of view table offers the ability to perform the actions discussed in the following extension table. 

Extension-Table#19.2.1: View Email Templates


Clicking the copy button will result in creating a copy of that specific email template. It will automatically add another record in the table by modifying the template name to keep its distinct identity among the list of other templates, while all other details will be copied as it was in the parent template. 


Click to edit the details of specific email template, you can edit details like template name; can update its group and other related details.


It will result in permanent deletion of the selected template.

Figure#19.2.1:View Email Templates
View Email Templates