2.4-Create Custom Fields

To be more specific, you may need to collect additional information from your subscribers, and would be required adding additional fields known as “Custom Fields”. Some of the custom fields have already been incorporated into the system and these lists can be added simply by ticking the checkboxes with the name of the fields, these default custom fields were elaborated while discussing “Create Subscriber List"
But in case, you need to add a field other than the fields available by default, you will need to create the field using “Create Custom Fields”  under “My Lists”. Table followed by the figure below, explains the details.

Figure#2.4.1: Create Custom Fields

Create Custom Fields

Table#2.4.1: Custom Field Details  


Name of the new custom field you want to create, the name helps to identify the custom field among others.  It is recommended to name the field according to the nature of information you want to save/collect using the field, like “Marital Status” or “Gender” etc.

Field Order

Define the position of the custom field to appear on “Add a Subscriber” page. The position needs to be defined using the numbers like 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

Later, when you select this list to add subscriber information into it, all the additional custom fields will start appearing below the contact details, in the suggested sequence.

See.....Figure#2.4.2: Custom Field Sequence

Field Type

The dropdown offers almost all possible options to select the type of the custom field. Custom field can be a checkbox field, simple text field or may be a dropdown, depending on your requirements.Figure#2.4.1 shows checkbox as selected type of field. 


Is this field mandatory to fill, in order to add a subscriber to the particular list? Or new subscriber can be added to the list even without providing the information into the field? Select the appropriate option from “Yes” or “No” to proceed.

Subscriber List

Make this custom field part of one or more subscriber list(s) by selecting from currently available subscriber lists. 

Once you complete all required information, press “Submit” to save and make this field operational.

Custom Field Sequence

Once you have completed the process of creating custom field and making it a part of a subscriber list, you will have this field appeared on "Add a Subscriber" page in the suggested sequence of the Custom Fields. 

Figure#2.4.2: Custom Field Sequence

Custom Field Order