2.9-Domain Suppression

Suppress a Domain

The purpose and the process of domain suppression is the same as discussed before for email suppression. You might require the application to omit sending on the emails with particular domain name, to do that you need to click “Suppress a Domain” under “My List” from the left navigational menu to add that particular domain for suppression.

a) Domain for Suppression

The process of suppressing a domain is even easier than the process of email suppression. You just need to type the complete domain name in the field to make it suppressed. Once you provide the complete domain name and submit it for the suppression, no more campaigns will be sent to the emails with that particular suppressed domain. Like emails, you can suppress the domains on different levels as below.

Type of Suppression 

You can select to suppress the domain on the following levels

1) Global Suppression 

First option that the dropdown offers is for the global suppression of the domain. If selected, the domains added to the suppression list will be suppressed across all the lists, no matter you’ll send to the subscribers of list A or list B, no further email campaigns will be sent to contacts having globally suppressed domain.

2) Adknowledge

If selected, domains added to the suppression list will be omitted while sending of the Adknowledge campaigns only.

3) Subscriber Lists

If you select one of the subscriber lists, no further campaigns will be sent to the subscribers of the particular selected list using the suppressed domains.

Figure#2.9.1: Suppressing Domains

Suppress Domains

View Suppressed Domains

There isn't a separate link to view the suppressed domains within the application, a suppressed domain starts appearing on the right side table of the same “Suppress a Domain” page. But for the convenience, the page is divided into two sections, one contains the field for providing the domains for suppression, and the second is the table to view the list of suppressed domains.

Table#2.9.1: Viewing Suppressed Domains


Following the general pattern of all view page across the application, the first column of the view table shows the serial number of records in ascending order (1-10)


Name of the domain being suppressed. Application will prevent sending any further campaigns using this domain, based on the type of suppression you applied (Global, Adknowledge, List Based, Group Based) 

Added On

The date when the domain was added to the suppression list. 


Here are the couple of actions that the buttons under “Actions” column allow performing. 

Extension-Table#2.9.1: Viewing Suppressed Domains


Pressing the “Edit” button will take you to the field for Domain Name at the left side of your page, where you will be able to edit and update the suppressed domain.


Press the button to remove the particular domain from suppression list.

Figure#2.9.2: Viewing Suppressed Domains

View Suppressed Domains