2.8- Email Suppression

Setting Up Suppression List

It is one of the most frequently asked questions in email marketing, is it OK to test your luck with the unsubscribed or hard bounced subscribers by sending them again? If it is not, then what should be the right way to manage the spam complainants, hard bounced and unsubscribed records within the email list? The suggested way to manage these inactive/ bounced and spam email addresses is adding them to the suppression list. Suppression list is also known as Do-Not-Send list. Application omits the suppressed records while sending of the future campaigns. Click “Suppression List” to setup a new list of suppressed subscribers.

Using the suppression feature of Mumara, you will be able to suppress particular subscribers globally across all the lists, will also be able to suppress subscribers within the particular selected list, and also can suppress the subscribers to be omitted while sending of the Adknowledge campaigns only. Following table will explain it in more detail. 

Following Table Consists of:

  • Text Fields
  • Dropdown Selections

Table#2.8.1: Importing the List of Suppressed Emails


Each email listed for the suppression has a label for identification, like if you import 10 email records for suppression and will provide the label "New Suppression List", all of these records will be identified as a part of New Suppression List on "View Suppressed Contacts" page. 


You can suppress the emails on four different levels as below.

Global Suppression:  First option that the dropdown offers is to suppression the subscribers globally. If selected, the subscribers added to the suppression list will be suppressed across all the lists, no matter they are in list A or in list B, they will be omitted during the future campaigns.

Adknowledge: If selected, subscribers added to the suppression list will be omitted while sending of the Adknowledge campaigns only.

Subscriber Lists: This kind of suppression will only have an effect on the select list. The suppressed contacts will only be omitted if the campaign has been scheduled to send on that particular list.

Import File

The dropdown offers two options to import the subscriber details to the suppression list.

1st) Upload from your System:

Choose a file from your system to upload and import the file containing suppressed emails. The backend operation will first upload the file to the system and then it will import the emails to the suppression list.

2nd) Select from Files Uploaded to import_file Folder

Selection of this option will open up a new field underneath. And if you already have uploaded the file that contains the suppressed emails, to import_file using the FTP, the field for the file selection will show all uploaded file in the dropdown. Select one of the files and move forward. Choosing a file from import_file completes the importing process with better speed, as it trims down the time of uploading the file.

File Type

Select which is the first column in the importing file? The right selection will ensure importing of the file with right header and data in the column.

After the selection of the file containing the emails for suppression, click “Submit” to complete.

Figure#2.8.1: Email Suppression

Suppress Email

View Suppressed Emails

Unlike other view page across the Mumara, that appears under the sub-menus of the left navigation menu, the link to view the suppressed emails exists inside the “Suppression List” pageClick “View Suppressed Subscribers” to view and manage the suppressed emails. The following Figure#2.8.2 indicates the position of “View Suppressed Subscribers” link.

Figure#2.8.2: View Emails of Suppressed Subscribers

Viewing Suppressed Emails

The table below will provide you the information about the columns in view suppressed contacts table.

Table#2.8.2: View Suppressed Emails 


Serial number of records in the table.


The column displays the suppressed email address. The application will omit the particular email address during the sending of future email campaigns, as per your selection of the Type of suppression. 


Indicates the type of the suppression applied on the suppressed email, is it suppressed globally, within the list or limited to AdKnowledge campaigns only.

Data Added

The date when particular email was suppressed, or added to suppression list. 


Extension- Table#2.8.2: View Suppressed Emails (Actions)


Click the cross button to remove particular email from the suppression list.

Delete and Export:

There are two new buttons at the right side of the table, one cross button and the second is to export the list of suppressed contacts. Unlike the cross button in the "Action" column that deletes records one by one, this button at the top right area of the table helps deleting all the records listed for suppression. The following image further explains the options. 

Figure#2.8.3: List of Suppressed Contacts

View Suppressed Contacts