2.10-Suppress IPs

The former versions of Mumara offered two type of suppression only, one was to manage the Suppressed Emails and the second was specific for Email Domains. The scope for suppression has been enhanced with the addition of new feature to create suppression list of specific IPs, along with the readily available options to suppress emails and domains. The process of suppressing IPs is similar to what we have discussed for Domain Suppression. Following are the steps to create IP suppression list. 

a) IPs for Suppression

The box needs to be filled with the IPs that you want to add to the suppression list. IPs should be separated with a line, or if the IPs belong to same range, hyphen or forward slash can be used to put forward multiple IPs from the same range. Forward slash would automatically determine the number of IPs in your block and will add it for suppression, while adding multiple IPs with hyphen will only add the number of IPs mentioned. 

Example entry using hyphen can be will add IPs from 1 to 20. 

Example entry using / can be will add block of 256 IPs of /24 range. 

The following figure points out the sample entry for the IPs of same range. Adding particular IPs to suppression list would help preventing bots to fill your counter with fake opens, or you can put forward the IPs that may appear to have been associated with spam traps etc. 

b) List (Suppression List)

The suppressed IPs will affect only the selected list or type of suppression you have applied. Following are the options. 

1) Global Suppression 

If selected, it will have an effect across all the lists, which means that if the subscriber of any of the list(s) opens email with the matching IP provided for suppression, application will automatically suppress that IP for further emailing across all the lists. So the global suppression option isn't limited to specific list.

Note: Pressing "Suppress Now" button from the bottom will look for the given IP(s) in the database, if it matches with the IPs of current opens in the database, it will suppress the IP straightaway, and no further email will be sent to these contacts having the suppressed IPs. As the the option for Global Suppression is selected, it looks across the database.

2) Specific Subscriber List

If selected, suppression will only have an effect on specific selected list. For example, if an IP was provided for suppression, and list "A" was selected, the IP would only be suppressed if application finds it in the list "A". After an email contact in the list "A" with the same IP opens the sent email, application automatically suppresses it, and no future emails will be sent to this IP address of list "A". But if the same email address exists in list "B", it will not be omitted during future email campaigns. Global Suppression is the right option if you want to suppress the IP address globally across all the lists. 

Note: Pressing "Suppress Now" button from the bottom will look for the given IP(s) in the selected list, if it matches with the IPs of current opens of the selected list, it will suppress the IP straightaway, and no further email will be sent to these contacts having the suppressed IPs.

Figure#2.10.1: Suppressing IPs and IP ranges

Adding IPs for Suppression

View Suppressed IPs

IPs and IP ranges that you will provide for suppression will start appearing in the table on the left side of the page. 

Table#2.10.1: Viewing Suppressed IPs


Following the general pattern of all view page across the application, the first column of the view table shows the serial number of records in ascending order (1-10)

IP Range`

IP addresses, or IP range that has been provided for suppression. 


Name of the selected list to have an effect of this suppression

Minimum IP

If the block, range of IP addresses has been provided, in this column, the application shows the minimum IP address from the range/block.

Maximum IP

The IP block ranges from previous column minimum IP to that maximum IP address in this column. 

Added On 

The date when the IP was actually being suppressed.


Here are the couple of actions, which the buttons under “Actions” column allows performing. 

Extension-Table#2.10.1: Viewing Suppressed Domains


Press to edit the IP(s) provided for suppression, or the list it will have an effect on


Press the button to remove the particular entry from suppression list.

Figure#2.10.2: View Suppressed IPs

View Suppressed IPs