2.3-Verify List/ Email Verification

It is highly recommended practice to use current and hygienic list of subscribers consisting of list of current contacts. It ensures better delivery rates and also keeps your IP away from getting blacklisted. Mumara well recognizes the importance of using a hygienic list; a complete module for email verification is designed and integrated with Mumara.  Getting started with email list verification and the process details are as below. Reach “View all Lists” under “My List” menu in the left navigation. You will be able to view “Verify List” under “Verify” for each subscriber list in the table. In the Figure#2.3.1 the position "Verify List" on "View all Lists" page is pointed by an arrow.

Figure#2.3.1:Verify List

Email Verification

If you haven’t subscribe the module, application will show error message describing the reason of not subscribing the email verification module, and if you already have subscribed, email verification process will start as in the following figure.  

Figure#2.3.2:Getting Started

Getting Verification Started

Fetch Geo Location  

The first step asks your permission to start verification process for particular list, and also your selection of whether or not to obtain GEO Location of contacts while verifying their emails. Tick the checkbox to obtain the geo location information of the contact or keep the checkbox empty to proceed without fetching Geo Location.

As soon as you click “Start Verification” the process of verifying the emails will start, application will connect to the email server of each contact in the list, it checks various sources like MX records, if the domain exists or not and also tries to verify the existence of the actual username on that particular domain to establish the validity of each contact in the list under progress.

While verification of particular list is in progress, the counter will keep you updated on the numbers of email verified and numbers of emails remaining. Both the following images show, how the counter looks when it initializes verifying the emails of the subscribers, and how it looks when it is in progress.  

Figure#2.3.3: Initializing Verification Process

Email Verification Starting

Figure#2.3.4: Verification in Progress

Verification in Progress

Application automatically changes the verification status of valid email contacts to verified, you can view the subscribers with verified status by clicking “List all Subscribers” as exemplified in the following image.

Figure#2.3.5: Verified Emails

Verified Email Addresses

Segment Verified

The principle benefits of getting your list scrubbed for invalid emails is that it lowers the bounce, increases delivery rates and improves sending reputation in real time. Moreover, the verification module offers advanced segmentation of verified data. You can set the criteria to separate out only verified addresses from the list(s) or even set the criteria to segment the list based on the GEO Location. Read the complete article that discusses the list segmentation in detail, by clicking the following link.