2.5-View Custom Fields

View Custom Fields

The table provides the relevant information of the custom fields, you earlier have created using “Create Custom Fields“ link. Other than just information it enables you to perform various tasks like copying the table, editing the custom field details or deleting it from the list using the action buttons. The following area describes the details of available information on “View Custom Fields” page.

 Table#2.5.1: Viewing Custom Fields


In most of the view pages across the Mumara, S/N would be the first column to start the view table with. It shows the serial number of records on the page you are viewing. 


Whenever you create an additional field, you name it according to its nature. It can be the Birthday, Gender, Occupation anything relevant to the information you collect and save using this field. The column is showing the name of the custom field. 


The number suggests the position of the custom field on Add a Subscriber” page. If it says 3, it means that the field will appear on 3rd number followed by the fields with number 1 and 2.


It provides the information about the type of the field, whether it is a plain text field, checkbox or dropdown selection.

No of List(s)

How many lists were selected while creating the custom field. 


The custom field only appears on selection of the particular list during the process of adding subscriber's details.


Perform couple of actions using the quick action buttons under “Actions” column at the extreme right of the table. 

Extension- Table#2.5.1: Viewing Custom Fields (Actions)


Press the edit button to reach on the page, where you’ll be able to edit and update the information like type of custom field, position of the custom field to appear on add a subscriber page, subscriber list and name.


Click the cross button to quickly delete the custom field from the application/ user account. A message appears on your screen to confirm the deletion. Answering the message in “Yes” will process deletion.

Figure#2.5.1: View Custom Fields