2.7-View Segments

New updated "Segments" of Mumara added number of valuable options, including the ability to directly save the segmented criteria without the compulsion of moving or copying the filtered contacts to new or another list. It will allow to promptly select among the saved segments while scheduling an email campaign for sending.

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In new product updates, "View Segments" is a separate page that offers information about the currently available segments, and ability to perform few quick actions. 

Table#2.7.1: View Saved Segments Table


Serial Number of records listed in the table. 


Label is the name of the segment you put forward to differentiate among the saved segments.  


Name of the owner who created this segment. It will help to distinguish which user originally created the particular segment. The admin user will have the ability to view the segments created separately by the "User Accounts", and also have the ability to give the user accounts access to desired segments, while creating the "User's Role Group"

Created On

The date when the segment was being created and saved into the system. Application records that date and displays it in this field.

Selected Lists

Name of the original list(s) out of which this new and more targeted segment was created. 


Number of subscribers/ records separated out in result of applying the segmented criteria. All subscribers that qualify for the filtered criteria will be segmented, even if they are suppressed.


The column provides the current status of the segment. If the segmented contacts are getting exported, it will show the progress, after it finishes the exporting process, the download button appears in this column. The status updates will also appear when you select to move the segmented contacts to another list.


Action table is discussed separately in the following extension table 

Extension-Table#2.7.1: View Saved Segments Table (Actions)


Click to edit and update the segmentation criteria saved earlier 


Sub segment is the subset of the main segment, and will help to apply few additional conditions other than the conditions parent segment already have. Clicking on it will load all the conditions saved in the parent segment, with an ability to apply additional condition and save. It will be saved a subset of parent segment and will be called sub segment.

For example, if the parent segment was saved to segment the Unsubscribed Contacts only, the sub segment can have the additional condition to not only separate out the unsubscribed but also the Hard Bounced from the selected list(s).


Note: If you schedule a campaign selecting a Segment or Sub-Segment, and some recipient opts to unsubscribe, it will be unsubscribed not only from the parent segment, but also from all the subsets (Sub-Segments) you have created.  

Export as .CSV

Clicking will result in exporting the segmented records to a .CSV file.

Copy to List

Clicking the button will open up a new dropdown consisting of currently available subscriber lists. You'll select the desired email list from the dropdown to copy the segmented records to the selected list.

Move to List

Moving your segmented records to a separate selected list will eventually leave the saved segment empty. The difference between copying and moving is copying the segmented contacts will keep the contact in the saved segments and copy to the separate selected list, but moving will move the contacts to the separate list while leaving the segment empty. 

View Contacts

Click the button to view the list of all segmented subscribers/contacts. 


Clicking the cross button will result in deletion of the particular segment permanently. 

Pause or Resume

This option will only appear when the segment is in progress of getting exported, or moving to another list.  

Figure#2.7.1: View Saved Segments

View Segments-MumaraClassic