3.6-Bulk Subscriber Updates

This newly added functionality would help in the effective management of the subscribers saved across the lists, and allow updating subscribers’ status on large scale. Following area discusses the details of the process of updating subscriber status in bulk.

Figure#3.6: Update Subscriber Status in Bulk

Subscriber Status

a) Import File

The process of updating subscriber status involves importing of a file, or selected an already uploaded file via FTP in import_file folder. The selected file should contain the records to update the particular contacts’ status within the list(s) that you will select in the next step.

b) Select File 

If the first option to import the file from the system has been selected, a button to "Choose File" will appear (Default Option). However, dropdown will appear if you have selected the second option to “Select From Files Uploaded to import_file Folder”. This will show all the files import_file folder contains for you to select the desired one to continue. 

c) Subscriber List

Select one or multiple list(s) to update the status of subscribers within the selected lists. Make sure that this particular function is specific to only updating the subscriber status in bulk, rather than importing the new subscribers to the list(s). Therefore, in order to have their status updated, the selected list(s) should contain the contacts exist in the importing file. For adding contacts in bulk, we use separate function that has already been discussed in "Import Subscribers"

d) Action

Select one of the available 4 options in the dropdown to update subscriber status. Four options are the following. The contacts in file imported from the system or exist in the import_file folder, will match the records in the selected list(s) and perform the action that you will select from this dropdown.

d.1) Delete 

It will delete the subscribers across the selected list(s)

d.2) Unsubscribe

It will automatically turn the contacts status as “Unsubscribe” all across the selected lists

d.3)Soft Bounce

It will change the status of the contacts as “Soft Bounce” within the selected lists

d.4) Hard Bounce

And final option will update the subscriber stats as “Hard Bounce” in the selected lists

f) Header Include

Selecting “Yes” from the dropdown will include and read the headers field while importing, and selecting “No” from the dropdown will ignore the headers of the importing file. Upon pressing the "Next" button, the process of updating the subscriber status will start and finish on your screen. Following window appears when the process completes updating the subscriber status.

Figure#3.6.2: Upon Successfully Updating Subscribers Status

Updating Subscriber Status